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Thursday, December 10, 2015

All Rights Reserved - (C) #Copyright - Are you committing #Plagiarism on Your #SocialNetworks | @WeLiveSecurity @ASCAP

In today’s interconnected world, most of us are to some extent authors and publishers, and the apparent transience of material that appears briefly on a blog or on Facebook and then fades from memory is actually an illusion. Anything that makes it to the internet, whether it’s a web site, a photograph or sound file, or a one-line email, takes on a life of its own. Even when the originator deletes it, the chances are that there’s a copy of it somewhere out there in the cloud. In principle, someone still owns it – unless it meets one of the conditions I’ll discuss below – but that doesn’t mean its ownership is known.  READ FULL ARTICLE @WeLiveSecurity.com