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Friday, June 8, 2018

Farewell to a Real One - 03Greedo Last Concert June 25th 2018 @Belasco

Join us on this special occasion as we say "Farewell to a Real One" 03 Greedo's last concert to be held June 25th 2018.  This special event is brought to you by Mike Rebel - Praying Man Productions.  The O.N.E. Single release ft. 03 Greedo x Mike Rebel x Gucci Mane.  03 Greedo has taken over the West coast scene within the last year with his hit singles: "Never Bend", "RUDE/ZONING", and more. 

Mike Rebel is a on the Rise Talent with over 1 million views of his latest single that dropped April of this year titled: Magnum Cum Laude ft. French Montana

As Mike Rebel gets ready to release his next big single ft. 03 Greedo, he wanted to do something special for 03 in saying "Farewell to a Real One" brought by his Entertainment company: Praying Man Productions www.instagram.com/prayingmanproductions

03 Greedo is being sentenced to 20 years, and he turns himself in on June 27th, 2018.  He was sentenced for not ratting, which is rare today.  June 25th will be one Memorable night to remember in history!  Now Booking Tables vip@thebelasco.com

We got the Plug June 12th @RichtheKid Live #Tacotuesdays @CelebrityTuesdays Riverside | @pack_ent

From the team that brought you Cardi B, Yo Gotti, Ty Dolla $ign, YG, SOB RBE, Jacquees & MORE comes another EXCLUSIVE! PACK Entertainment Presents - RICH THE KID LIVE at Sevilla Nightclub in Riverside, Tuesday, June 12th.. Rich just went double platinum so it's only right that we bring him to the IE. New Freezer Plug Walk and MORE! Only 16 Tables avail so Reserve yours NOW! 

DOORS OPEN AT 9! not 10! Tickets are Free before 930!!! SO be there early. Also normally about a 100 or so people get in before the cutoff time so if you're not in the first 100 or may not make it in time we recommend you get a presale ticket. $20 for Rich the Kid is a steal! and we also made sure that we have 3 Lines for this event. General Admission, Fast Pass, and Bottle Service. The Fast Pass Line is the best line and its only $25!

Reserve your Table - dm www.instagram.com/pack_ent
Tickets - www.richthekidie.eventbrite.com

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer League Features New Format | @Globalbasketball

2016 GBSL Image 52

Global Basketball Summer League Features New Format

London---The 2018 Global Basketball Summer League will feature a new format consisting of (80) players and (8) professional teams. Each team will play (5) games over a (6) day period in a tournament style event. This year after the (3) game there will be an off day that features a sponsored 3-point shooting and Dunk contest with the winners receiving prizes from the sponsoring company.

July 5th – July 11th: Doolittle Community Center, Las Vegas, NV

  • Each Team Plays (5) Tournament games with day off after (3) game pool play
  • Sponsored Dunk Contest
  • Sponsored 3-Point Contest
  • Only (80) High Level Athletes (8) Teams
  • Participant Criteria Enforced

About the GBSL
The GBSL is an incredible event platform that produces an average of (50) jobs per year for professional basketball players, young sports reporters and developing coaches.  The NBA Officiating partnered with the event (5) years ago with the objective of developing emerging NBA G League referees that will eventually land in the WNBA or the NBA.  The GBSL is the top International summer event in the industry.


  • NBA Official Rules, Official NBA Court, NBA Referees and FIBA Referees
  • GBSL Produces (50) Jobs Per Year to its Participants
  • Daily Practices with professional coaches
  • Official Practice Court
  • Official NBA Regulation Size Playing Court
  • Event is a Duplication of the NBA Summer League
  • Non AAU Format - Non Multiple Game - Non Running Time
  • Full Televised Production of the Event with Professional Broadcasting
  • GBSL All Tournament Teams are digital marketed to over 10,000 professional basketball executives
  • Global Basketball maintains the largest database (10,000) in the industry of professional basketball executives
  • Post Event Marketing
  • Overseas Prep Seminar hosted by former Professional Players
  • Full Shuttle Transportation
  • Experience High Level Professional Coaching
  • Entry Level Job Opportunities
  • Media Related Event

2018 GBSL Promo

GBSL Impact – 50 Jobs Per Year

Top Overseas Coaches Participate in GBSL

GBSL Player Criteria
  • All applicants are required to have played college or professional basketball in the 2017-18 season
  • NCAA D11 & NAIA Players are required to have made the 2017-18 All American, All District or All Conference Teams
  • NCAA Division 1 players that played a minimum of (15) minutes per game and made significant contributions to their college team during the 2017-18 season
  • Players with professional experience in the 2017-18 season in Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America in credible leagues will be accepted
  • NBA G League players with verified statistics in the 2017-18 season will be approved
  • NBL Canada players with high quality and verified statistics in the 2017-18 seasons will be approved
  • Former GBSL All Tournament Players 
GBSL Registration
(Players, agents, coaches and media)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

#Slactavis | Dread Bang

E. Brock & Dino Tha Don - Dread Bang

E. Brock & Dino Tha Don were introduced at a studio session a few years ago with there Producer; Grammy Award Winner Raphel RJ2 of Beats, who recommended they join forces as a group.  Check out there Single #Slactavis. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"Two kisses i carry in the soul" #lallorona @Angela_Auigular_

Musical Artist & Singer; Angela Auigular

The Beautiful ballad "La Llorona" was dropped earlier this year in March, yet wanted to recapture these visuals with my viewers.  It is a beautiful song crying of the The Weeping Woman which is a old Spanish tale of A Ghost of A Woman who has lost her children, and now cries while looking for them in the River.  The Song depicts a child in crying out to her Weeping Mother from the dead. 
The Visual story is stunning.

Spanish Lyrics:
Salías de un templo un día Llorona 
Cuando al pasar yo te ví
Salías de un templo un día Llorona 
Cuando al pasar yo te ví
Hermoso huipil llevabas Llorona 
Que la virgen te creí 
Hermoso huipil llevabas Llorona 
Que la virgen te creí
Ay, de mi Llorona, Llorona, Llorona 
De un campo lirio 
Ay, de mi Llorona, Llorona, Llorona 
De un campo lirio
El que no sabe de amores Llorona 
No sabe lo que es martirio 
El que no sabe de amores Llorona 
No sabe lo que es martirio
No sé que tienen las flores Llorona 
Las flores de un camposanto 
No sé que tienen las flores Llorona 
Las flores de un camposanto
Que cuando las mueve el viento Llorona 
Parece que está llorando 
Que cuando las mueve el viento Llorona 
Parece que está llorando
Ay de mi Llorona, Llorona, Llorona 
Llévame al río 
Ay de mi Llorona, Llorona, Llorona 
Llévame al río
Tápame con tu rebozo Llorona porque 
Me muero de frío 
Tápame con tu rebozo Llorona porque 
Me muero de frío
Dos besos llevo en el alma Llorona 
Que no se apartan de mí 
Dos besos llevo en el alma Llorona 
Que no se apartan de mí
El último de mi madre Llorona 
Y el primero que te di
El último de mi madre Llorona 
Y el primero que te di
Yo te di
Tápame con tu rebozo Llorona 
Tápame con tu rebozo Llorona porque 
Me muero de frío

English Lyrics:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"North East Story" - One taste, your guaranteed to be hooked, wanting more... @joenessnyc

King of the North - Joe Ness

Brooklyn's Top Flight Indie Artist returns with some serious fiyah, and its about to be a wave.  One listen, and your guaranteed to be hooked, wanting more...  This Indie Musician has taken every element of creative aspects inspired by the majors, and is about to take "Indie Artist" Standards to a all time high!  

In 2012 Joe Ness dropped his single: Pilot off his Flight Class EP it campaigned into 2013 featured on BET, VH1 commercials, TIP DRILL Magazine & MORE.

Spring 2013 Joey shared a sample of his industry creative direction as he Acted out as a Plot Gang General in his short film music video "I Go To Work", a steamy gangsta short film with topless women moving white girl, not to mention featuring the Super Glamour Model Yves Nunez 

Joe Ness continued to drop periodically singles, and remixes, while behind the scenes he has been marinating, and the seasonings are impeccable.
The Wave is about to change, and Joe Ness is taking the lead!

"NorthEastStory" just a splash to give you a lil taste, and oh it's good...


Monday, May 14, 2018

..Spring Vibes #Mood | @rwpho #EgoAlterEgo

the Heartbeat of the City.. 
Litty Spring Nights.. 
Breezy Vibes..

Reed Walchle a Artistic Photographer who takes capturing Artwork shots of beautiful women in beautiful urban scenery's to tell a story in every shot.  

Seen in Ego-Alter Ego The Visual Journey between Good & Evil!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

"Red Vibes" @OfficialChello #SpaceTalk

Space Talk - @officialChello

"Red Vibes", a smooth R&B/Soul Track by Chello, a uprising Talent out of the High Desert in Southern California firing up with smooth New Wave sounds and the fans are loving it.  The 17 year old High school Student is just getting with big plans ahead starting Summer 2018.

"..Let's go half on a baby" #Mixtape @DJCharlieCinco

DJ Charlie Cinco Artwork cover created by: @reeseroyce215 

Inland Empire's Littest DJ Charlie Cinco drops his first R&B Mix on Soundcloud titled: "Let's go half on a baby!" with single R&B hits from the 90's to present.  This New Wave DJ is making sound waves hitting the scenes in the hottest concerts, festivals, & venues across southern Cali from IE to LA and surrounding areas.

#Liberation - I'd do it all again and wont think twice... @xtina #ChristinaAguilar


Sometimes i wonder what is the meaning is of this life
I found the price of love and lost my mind
I will forgive them all of my wrongs and my rights
I'd do it all again and wont think twice....
- Single: "Twice" by Christina Aguilar

The Queen Xtina returns with in liberated spirits with her steamy single: "Accelerate" ft. Ty Dolla $ing, 2 Chainz off of her upcoming debut EP titled: "Liberated" expected to drop June 15th, 2018.