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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Music Industry meets Community! Back to the Music Hollywood!

In today’s Millennial where the world cries for a better future tomorrow, we bring you a reinvented mixer in support of Community action awareness such as Aids, Cancer, Violence and the things we all face in everyday life challenges of today.  Back to the Music Hollywood is a Positive branded Music Mixer event of Professionals within our Community and Music Industry under one roof.  In support of the independent Artist, Back to the Music will provide service giveaways, Industry resources, and more for the serious Independent Artist.  “Back to the Music Hollywood” is brought to you by Austin Texas most notable Promoter @LilSicc, his production company @siccproductionsllc and professional friends ie; @1Diegomoney, @iamAustinMartin, Street Motivation Magazine, The Clout Network, Billionaire Boss Entertainment, Jazzy Management, @michaelsterlingfilms, @wearegoodgirl, Viralmediaboostonline, industry top DJ’s, Execs, and many many more.  Don’t miss The first of many to come, and only Industry Mixer / community networking event of it’s kind Back to the Music Hollywood, on November 30th, 2019 at The Study, 6356 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028.

For more information about this topic, please contact [Juel] by calling [323.451.1JOR[567]], or email [Juel] at [Juel@jorpr.com].

Friday, August 16, 2019

"Poison" Into the Gentle Night - @jaioftherise

Into the Gentle Night - @jaioftherise

Word is out, the new sensation JAI of the Rise is trending from Canada to the states, and many say he is the Next Weeknd.  JAI @jaioftherise just drops his debut 5 song EP "Into the Gentle Night" on Aug 9th, and its absolute madness, guaranteed to get you hooked to his smooth rock and hip hop transitions.  The 5 song EP, tell's a story in chapters, starting with his single Save No Soul that recently just surpassed it's 100k mark to his single "Poison" this EP is full of passion, and steamy vibes all can relate to.

Listen to JAI of the Rise Streaming everywhere now! #SaveNoSoul

Sunday, July 14, 2019

LA's rising Kings, come together for "3 Kings" @godkinglotto ft. @hansumassjefe & @YellaBeezy

Behind the Scenes of 3 Kings Music Video (Left to Right - Jefe Rey - Free Money - Godking Lotto)

"3 Kings" by: GodKing Lotto ft. Jefe Rey, & Yella Beezy

Los Angeles Kings are rising, among-st the stars, with no breaks!  Rising Talent GodKing Lotto, who dropped his first single "Extra Fly" earlier this year, drops his summer heat single titled; 3 Kings ft. Jefe Rey, and Yella Beezy

Sunday, July 7, 2019

What to expect at Wifisfuneral Tour 2019

The Florida rapper is known to take on topics like drugs, and depression with a agile flow.  Sounds of Hip Hop and a Alternative a new wave genre of its own.  WifisFuneral "Free Weef Tour 2019" is in countdown as it launches next weekend on July 11th on Thursday in Seattle, Washington.  This year joins him a crew of rising stars themselves outta Texas to Cali, with sub-headlining 2 Stoned, and his Production team CEO and artist Lil Sicc along with Los Angeles influencer and talented Dvinee.   Let's just say Wifisfuneral tour is about to bring it's cities something special and as last year's tour is about to be Lit!

Get your tickets now! freeweeftour.com

#Wifisfuneral wifisfuneral.com
#2Stoned official2stoned.com
#LilSicc lilsiccmusic.com
#Dvinee @sofinedvinee

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Indie Clout Services you can afford | @thecloutnetwork @viralbrandzllc

The Clout Network's Indiestry Music Spotify Playlist now for only 10 bucks

Got a Hot New Single on Spotify?  Want to get your streams up so you can see a substantial return in Royalties?  Well here is one way you can get gauranteed hundreds of streams a week, thousands a month with the Clout Network Spotify playlist.  The Clout Network is the industries #1 Clout building service for indies making waves from instagram promotions @thecloutnetwork to there parent company viralmediaboost.com.

Viral Media Boost, has been assisting Indies for over a decade breaking there music mainstream.  They are known as #1 online service for media promotions from streams to social media.  Some of their services ie: soundcloud, spotify, instagram, radio plays, blogs and more have been keys to the success on the Next Brand or Talent come up.  Treat your brand, and make sure to check out there services today! 

Give yourself the Social Boost you Deserve! - Viralmediaboost.com

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Myspace's #1 most talked about Indie is coming with vengeance! | @therealallias

Always Live Life Inevitably Around Sound @therealALLIAS

In myspace generation, it was known to blow up an indie with the most myspace song plays, kinda how instagram is today!  A.L.L.I.A.S. a indie outta Meridian Mississippi, whom was that #1 indie in Myspace era.  Today he resides in Oklahoma and is coming back with a Vengeance.  For all who thought it was over, that was just a early warm up.  He is coming in with some heat, with his newest single drop "No Plug-ins" a single off of his "Trxll Motivation" mixtape hosted by @djbiggrich coming soon!  

The Queen of Flamenco music that's captivating the world! | @Rasalia.vt

Flamenco is a style of dancing, characteristic of the Andalusian Gypsies, that is strongly rhythmic and involves vigorous actions, as clapping the hands and stamping the feet.  I'ts a style of Spanish music especially played on guitar accompanied by singing and dancing.

Spanish singer Rasalia has taken the glory to creating her own lane of Flamenco Pop, and is taking it across the globe by storm literally!  The Queen is spicy, creative, the new trend and definitely owns it as her own.  She recently takes the lead in her single "Con Altura" with J. Balvin, ft. El Guincho with reaching 100 million views.  And her most recent music video "Aute Cuture" where she gives Genius a brief description of the songs meaning to her.

Not only is Rasalia pushing the limits across the globe with #1 singles streaming everywhere, the known concert Primavera sound concert outta Barcelona is making its way across the globe with the many sounds of Flamenco, and beyond.  The recent word is it will be hitting Los Angeles in 2010! Who's ready for it! :)

Friday, May 31, 2019

Sicc tunes frequency waves on the West coast! | @Lilsicc

Rising Talent Lil Sicc drops 3 Albums last Memorial Weekend May 24th, 2019

Rising talent Lil Sicc, just dropped 3 albums this past Memorial weekend May 24th, 2019 with unstoppable heat back to back.  Our favorite is indefinite Key's 2 da City II, yet we cant stop going back and forth to Sicc Angeles, and Keys 2 da City I Keys 2 da City I is based off of tracks created in Texas life, and Keys 2 da City based off of tracks created in CaliLil Sicc is living up to all his dreams breaking frequency waves across the west coast, and just getting started. 

Lil Sicc is known as Austin Texas most note-able promoter with over 500+ successful events and counting, to making moves in Cali, dropping gems across the West Coast.  As a promoter, entrepreneur, and musician, he delivers a fast pace movement full fledged movie with unstoppable music, a clan of talents, entrepreneurs, models, influencers and a full fledged production team.  Through his come up, Lil Sicc has groomed many talents through there rise, in example 2Stoned, a rising artist out of Austin Texas.  2Stoned & Lil Sicc will be joining the Wifisfuneral tour this year to say the least.  Catch the wave, the Club Sicc's, Sicc Productions LLC movement, now in effect!

Make sure to go check out his New Releases, Guaranteed to make you Rock out!

 Lil Sicc and 2Stoned will be joining Wififuneral on tour this summer starting July 11th - Aug 11th. 

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Money by @MarkelWritez x @YoungInvent featured on @hiphopweekly

Markel Writez & Young Invent in Money

Hip Hop weekly features and chats with Markel Writez & Young Invent on the "Indie Grind Spotlight" with host Kiera Renee.  Click on the "Hip Hop Weekly logo" and Check it out!