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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#NewMusicVideo @Beyonce - 7/11 - "She is just Having a Ball" | @Swurvradio

Beyoncè Having A Ball In 7/11(Video)

By smj12
Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 12.28.13 PM
Beyoncè is having a ball in “7/11″. No, not that 7/11. In her new video for the “7/11″ single, . Duh. I just saw the video and can’t believe all the outlandish fuckery going on in the YouTube comments.
Listen up. Didn’t we just deal with Kim Kardashian being crazy and sexy just because she wanted to? And what’s Bey doing now? Being crazy and sexy because she wants to. Y’all need to leave these women alone, man. It ain’t that serious.
First of all, I don’t love or hate the video. I like that she decided to film a video on her own dime/time, and do whatever she wanted without turning it into a big production. That’s awesome. I want more artists to do that. And the video is just funny. Yes, because it is silly and stupid, so therefor…why y’all getting so upset? Over something so silly? So blatantlyobviously silly. Calm down. I feel the exact same way about the song itself. If I want to act ratchet and party, I’d turn this up and vibe out. Other than that, yeah it’s a track with no real substance but so what? Any artist is allowed to make a fun crazy song. Beyoncè is in a place in her life right now, being a wife and a mother, where she feels creatively free and liberated. This is an extension of that. She’s enjoying herself and her life as an artist. That’s all the video is.
Jay and Ye got the baddest wives in the entertainment industry right now, hands down. Beyoncè and Kim are the Wives Of Ratchet/Sexy controversy. And both these women deserve respect. Not because they’re gorgeous or rich or popular. But because they’re being honest and expressing themselves, as individuals, as wives and as mothers. Peace.
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