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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

When you got the yams (What's the yams?) - #Killem @KendrickLamar

The Yams - +Kendrick Lamar 

"The yam is the power that be
You can smell it when I'm walking down the street...

Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta

The Hip Hop Game rivalry is being shut down by Compton's Kunta +Kendrick Lamar Killing any Phony, unnecessary, suicidal rappers in or attempting to enter the game!   How many of you really pay attention the lyrics that speak's the Real in so many ways. 

"King Kunta" single production paperwork copy

To all you Hip Hop Lovers, lets view the Hip Hop knowledge it deserves in the next level now, and really start listening, you will enjoy and appreciate "Hip Hop" 100% more than you already did, knowing that there is #REALTALK to this Game!  

Hip Hop is a Community, a community of positive activist, artist, creative people from Urban and rural areas that have more talent than a little bit.  This was the originality of where "Hip Hop" began in 1941 - 1970 The Second Great Migration - demographics changed drastically in urban city development but began in the early 1900's where the 4 elements of Hip Hop began. 

4 elements of hip hop - amps
The 4 Element of "Hip Hop" Culture
HipHopElementsSkribe amps
As the formula of parties became popular among the African American & Hispanic Americans, the 4 main pillars that was known as a Urban Culture Music & Art was Titled"Hip Hop" by 1970's
▪ MC (or rapping)
▪ DJ
▪ B-boying (Break Dancing)
▪ Graffiti Artist
 The Creative phrase ""Urban art" derives from a latin word "urbs" meaning City. It is a style of art that relates to cities and city life by artists who live in or have a passion for city life. 

To be a REAL fan, lover of Hip Hop is to take a True Knowledge of the Art in appreciation of the Real from the FAKE!  The Majority of mainstream "Radio Play" Hip hop is nothing but commercial music, simple rhymes, "phrases", repetitive phrases, that you get tired of in short time of hearing on every mainstream commercial station, you know that kind of music... 

But #REAL #HIPHOP is #REALTALK, #Creative, 
#skilled, #knowledgeable, #truth, the real talk of the Urban Art - "Hip Hop", you know the Music that enters your veins and you can feel the chills through your body when they rhyme cause its #REAL and you cant help but to #Vibe to the Beat cause its not only off the rick-tor but the Song itself gives you nothing but #GoodVibes yea that's what I'm talking about! ;)

#MusicIndustries #Alert ⚠#HipHop #Hiphopheads #Rappers#RapGame this 📍 right here is a prime 👑example of your #Competition 🚨IF YOU NOT COMING IN #TU YOU NOT COMING IN!!! 🚨 Need help in your development, branding, PR, marketing, distribution, etc.. #Branding 📰 your Global industry over 20+years 💥 💨 

Lets #KeepitReal and Share - the #knowledge - the #Creativity - the #Art cause the REAL #Rappers - #HipHop #Innovators, #Revolutionary, #BreakingtheIndustry - The #Yams are Speaking the real to YOU for YOU in your Communities!  Not only here as a Commercial Hit, but from the root of writings of the art to the radio waves!

Nas - I Can

"Are You - Revolutionary the Next?
"It's Gotta Be Epic!"

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