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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Support - 2015 D.O.P.E Awards Determined in Obtaining Pure Excellence @krpr

Determined in Obtaining Pure Excellence
Summer Youth Program
Sat. August 22, 2015
Flintridge Center
236 West Mountain Street, Suite 106, Pasadena, California 91103
To RSVP:       Call 626-676-5551 Elder Davis

features/attend email KimiRhochelle media@krprmedia.com

Dr. Niama T Malachi on behalf of Serving the Underserved, LLC
along with Refuge Christian Center...
Cordially invites you to attend the awards banquet for the
2015 D.O.P.E (Determined in Obtaining Pure Excellence) Summer Youth Program
D.O.P.E (Determined to Obtain Pure Excellence) Summer Youth Program is a ten week program that serves adolescents from under served communities, facing struggles with homelessness, drug abuse, poor access to health services, poverty, low self esteem, and difficulties in the home. The objective of the program is to uplift the adolescents in order to help them achieve their potential and goals. Throughout the ten week program, the children focus on Communication, Anger and Depression, Family Dynamics, Self Esteem and Bullying, Substance Abuse, Economics and Entrepreneurship, Education/Stem Careers, Health and Wellness, Multicultural and Diversity Issues, Substance Abuse as well as Goal Development.

*9 African American boys between the ages, of 13-17, will be completing the program.
*The reception will feature vocalist and guest speakers.
* Honorees include:

Inspire me Award:
 Ieisha Howell - Author
"The Girl With a Heart of Gold"

Uplift Me Award:
 Odest Riley Jr. CEO-WLM Financial - Community Organizer

Motivate Me Award:
Greg Middleton
D.O.P.E. Scholarship Fundraiser
If you are unable to attend, you can still show support by donating to the scholarship fund. All donors will be acknowledged at the banquet.