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Monday, August 31, 2015

Usually don't blog about things like this, but i have to! - Lets #Stimulate to Make a #difference! | @KingGoldChains @KylieJenner

Thanks to my +Complex subscription i just got the full scoop on +TygaVEVO new Music Video #Stimulated, i have to agree with Complex this video release is disturbing.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Tyga or Kylie for any matter.  Its a difference from publicizing you feelings or to give a statement of what is being said about you in the tabloids, but when you take it to a Single Published global Music Video release and you are making it ok and being explicit about your relations with a fairly NEW 18 year old and you are well over age, that part!  

But who do you get upset with, the label, Youtube, and or anyone who is behind the Video and releases and allows it to be publicized!  This is a prime example of how our society has given up on our youth, and simply don't really care about the morals or scruples of there life or our future!  But let a over 18 year old have sexual contact with a under age and then Officials punish you for something they allow to be publicized.  Its a game of Chess out here and just not how anyone should play with there life, because the society so carelessly gives a #$%!T. 

The concern now is not about Tyga or Kylie although it can be disturbing, but the real focus is the young fan base that is bumping this song and thinking it is ok.  Being that the majority of demographic fan base for Tyga & Kylie range from the ages 13- 18.  So therefore as a entertainer or even just in the entertainment industry, even Executive like myself and affiliates, we take a concern in not just giving a visual of our image or redefining our proclamations to the world, but with thought and Class knowing that we are giving and delivering Vibez to a Global following.

Even if Tyga & Kylie relationship is perfect, that does not mean that it is a norm in society, with all the crazy people in this world, we have to work smarter & put more effort in protecting our youth!  Who knows what next girl sees this video, especially being, Kylie is a huge Icon in the teen communities, and a innocent girl puts herself in danger because of this song.

+Kylie Jenner a true fan myself, of both young sisters because they are very talented, innovated, young dedicated, hard working, beautiful girls, who set out to be the best that they both are and still growing in the fashion / Ent industry, but sorry Kylie, this video, puts a whole new look that doesn't even reveal as beautiful as most of us see you.   Because of the very fact of your dreams and talents, YOU and each Young Lady deserves the up-most respect and not just be a Icon of society but also a positive mentor, to today's society in the things our Society needs most.

So if you are a Young girl or guy, its not always magic and the grass is not always greener, be Safe and use your precautions! <3 p="">