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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

GBSL to the British Basketball League Championship Game | @GlobalBasketball

The 2014 Global Basketball Summer League (GBSL) featured (3) players that signed with the London Lions and played in the British Basketball League (BBL) Championship game on Sunday, May 10th. The game was played in front of 15,000 fans at the O2 Arena in London which represented the largest crowd ever to watch a BBL championship contest. The London Lions lost the championship to the BBL powerhouse, Newcastle Eagles but the GBSL played an integral part of their successful season.

The London Lions featured a summer league team in the 2014 GBSL Las Vegas event and successfully signed Ian Salter, Makal Stibbins and Lovell Cook to their 2014-15 roster. Both Makal Stibbins and Lovell Cook were featured American imports that produced quality statistics all year. Ian Salter, a 7 foot reserve player that maintains a British passport had only played a partial year in the 2013-14 season for another BBL team. Stibbins had played in Costa Rica and Egypt and was unsure about his next job destination. Lovell Cook was a standout performer at University of New Orleans during the 2012-13 season but sat out the following season and his professional career was in jeopardy until landing the Lions deal at the GBSL.
The London Lions finished in the middle of the pack in the 2013-14 BBL season and their home court is the Cooper Box Arena (2012 London Olympic Venue). The arena is one of the top basketball venues in Europe and has a 10,000 seating capacity. The city of London is Europe’s leading business, banking and commercial hub. Vince Macaulay-Razaq, the Lions Head Coach and GM realized that the franchise has the potential to be a European basketball powerhouse. Vince Macaulay-Razaq was determined to improve the Lions talent level in quest for the 2014-15 BBL Championship and used the GBSL as a recruiting platform. The Lions season was very successful and ended one win short of the BBL Championship. The GBSL impacted the London Lions season and kicked started the European careers of Ian Salter, Makal Stibbins and Lovell Cook.
The GBSL Las Vegas event provided the London Lions a unique recruiting opportunity to evaluate (10) American players of their choice and ability to scout the other talented GBSL prospects. Over (60) players that participated in the GBSL 2014 event are currently playing professional basketball and (40) players received contracts due to their participation in the event.
The London Lions are expected to have a summer league team in the 2015 GBSL Las Vegas event along with (9) other International professional teams. The International team format produces a significant amount of job opportunities.
The GBSL provides the agency community a direct networking opportunity with the participating International pro teams and the hundreds of overseas scouts that frequent the week long event. Some of the industries top agents typically send their clients to the GBSL because of the event success and the fact it’s managed by a professional media/events organization. Additionally, the GBSL also provides basketball agents an opportunity to recruit talented unsigned free agents at the event. The majority of competing summer exposure events in Las Vergas is managed by known sports agents.  In most cases the agent related exposure events represents a conflict of interest to participants.
The 2015 GBSL is the leading international summer league and delivers an internet television production of all (24) games. The NBA manages the officiating aspect of the GBSL and each game is played with official NBA Sumer League rules and the (24) second shot clock.
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