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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Robot-Inspired Fashion | Nightmare-Inducing Editorials | Luxury Camping | All the Hottest Trends from Fashion to Packaging, Edgy to Workouts, Baby Furnishings to Pet lounging - You Name it! | Trendhunter

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Greetings !

This week's PRO Trend is Precise Purchase, a sub-segment of some of our research in tech. Catering to a Generation X inclination to spend precisely and with thought, a variety of search engines, apps and crowdsourced innovations are adapting the shopping experience to be ultra-convenient and tailor it to individual budgets or schedules. Being able to set strict price points and stick to them, consumers are satisfied by the ability to find what they want in less time and at better prices, but which speaks to a distinct shift away from physical shops. The ability to shop at will while still having rigid standards satisfied reinforces the 9 to 5 lifestyle to the delight of generations urging for schedule accommodation.

My favorite example of Precise Purchase is a delivery service called 'Parcel' that tailors its delivery times based on the schedules of those who ordered something.


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PRO Trends
Adolescent Capture
Parents turn to photography to add cultural diversity to youthful engagement
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Precise Purchase
Consumers opt for hyper-efficient ways to purchase products on and offline
Implications - Catering to a Generation X inclination to spend precisely and with thought, a variety of search engines, apps and crowdsourced innovations are adapting the shopping experience to be... [More]
Simplified Caffeine
Seeking to de-techify the kitchen, consumers go for powerless coffee brewing
Implications - While the number of smart solutions for the kitchen is rising each day, consumers are opting for simplified ways to brew coffee that enhance both the chore and the taste. Ritualistic... [More]
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