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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Have a Laugh with USC Head Coach's Model Wife - Amanda Marcum | Lost Letterman

Best Pictures of USC Head Coach’s Model Wife,

Amanda Marcum

  • Landing in Tinseltown
    It was only fitting that Enfield and Marcum landed in Los Angeles, home to gorgeous stars, when he was hired as USC’s head basketball coach in April of 2013. We have a feeling Amanda will fit right in with the beautiful celebrities in Hollywood…
  • Trophy Wife
    The breakout star of the 2012-13 college basketball season wasn’t a player, but rather the wife of head coach Andy Enfield - the former Amanda Marcum (seen here on the cover of Maxim).
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    The former model was the talk of the 2013 NCAA Tournament as she watched her husband and No. 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast to the Sweet Sixteen.
    We take a look at who Marcum is and how she ended up with Enfield.
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  • Laying Out
    Marcum grew up in Mustang, OK - a town of about 13,000 people. After graduating high school, she headed for the bright lights of New York City with dreams of becoming a fashion model.
  • Having a Laugh
     Marcum certainly has a sense of humor about the modeling industry, telling Maxim in 2006: “It’s not much of a challenge being a model. Act sexy. Act sad. It’s not very mentally stimulating. It’s so funny when I meet people from the Midwest and they say, ‘Oh, you’re a model. Are you going to school for that in New York?’ ‘Yeah, I’m majoring in walking and plucking my eyebrows.’”   READ & MORE PHOTOS: http://www.lostlettermen.com/slideshow/best-pictures-of-usc-head-coachs-wife-amanda-marcum/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral