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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A "Rebellious Soul" - The K.Michelle Review | SwurvRadio.com

K Michelle “Rebellious Soul” (Review)

By @Reseerese on Feb 19, 2014 12:55 pm
Love and Hip Hop Star, K Michelle has been on the radar for a while and released her long awaited debut album in July 2013. With lead tracks “V.S.O.P.” and recently released single “Can’t Raise A Man,” her debut effort has received plenty of accolades including a Soul Train Music Award. Personal, raw and emotional, Rebellious Soul is a reflection of the life we see K Michelle portray on reality television.
My Life featuring Meek Mill

On the first track K Michelle introduces us to her life, full of pain and struggle. The soft piano melody blends seamlessly with the edginess of beat and the grittiness of K Michelle’s voice. As she reflects on the difficult details of her life, she makes it painstakingly clear that this is how she became the woman she is today.
We are also introduced to K Michelle’s piano talent, which can be heard throughout the entire album. Meek Mill’s verse seems to add an unnecessary roughness as the lyrical content and the gruffness in K Michelle’s voice have already made the point of the song.
All my life I’ve been struggling and stressing that’s why I come up in this bitch with aggression
This old school inspired track starts with a soulful piano melody and K Michelle’s voice is powerful and full of emotion as she sings about being afraid to jump into a new relationship due to past hurts.
Damn, I’m feeling some kind of way. Oh damn, wanna love you but can it wait
I Don’t Like Me
K Michelle’s vocals, the piano and the message are all that’s needed for this track. One of the more honest, raw and emotional tracks on the album, K Michelle delivers a powerful message that most women can relate to when using sex to connect with a man on an emotional level and dealing with the consequences when the affection is not returned.
Cause if I let him do it, I did it to myself. And I was so dumb, I admit it, I need some help
Can’t Raise A Man
The recently released second single receiving lots of buzz over the videos content, but the lyrics speak a powerful message that women need to hear. Again, K Michelle delivers a power and emotionally charged performance and you can hear her experience as she belts out a warning to women about trying to change men.
The album’s lead single contains samples “Very Special” by Debra Laws as wells as “That’s How Long” by The Chi-Lites  K Michelle gives some of her best vocals on this track. One of the songs with a lighter subject matter, this track is full of feel good vibes as K Michelle prepares a celebration for her man. Play this song when reuniting with your boo after a period of time.
Pay My Bills
This sexually charged song features a sultry beat while K Michelle details what’s on the menu tonight for her man in an attempt to get her bills paid. This track somewhat disturbs the flow of the album. Yes, it shows the sexual side of K Michelle, but this song contradicts lessons learned in “I Don’t Like Me,” and “Can’t Change A Man.” F*cking someone like you’re trying to pay bills isn’t going to keep K Michelle in the bad relationship cycle.
I’mma f*ck you like I’m tryna pay bills. Georgia Power, Cable bill, Baby sitter, Tonight you will
By this time I have lost interest in the piano driven ballads. The songs are starting to run together with the same theme. K Michelle’s vocals are on point and it’s apparent this was one of the songs inspired from her own life.

Ride Out
Sticking to the “my man did me wrong” theme, this song deviates from the ballad format and is a bit more uptempo. K Michelle is fed up with her man and has finally decided to “ride out.” Although the beat is aggressive, K Michelle’s voice glides smoothly over each note.
So don’t be mad when I get in my sh*t and ride out
Hate On Her
Nothing new to report here, another piano ballad about a man doing K Michelle wrong. This track is reminiscent of “No Happy Holidays” by Mary J. Blige but from the main woman’s point of view.
When I Get A Man
Yet another ballad with a piano melody. Although this track doesn’t directly address the central theme in the album, K Michelle sings about taking care of her man when she finds a good one. She details all the things that her lucky man is going to get once she finds him. Once again, K Michelle’s vocals are up to par but the repetitiveness is getting old.
A Mother’s Prayer
Dedicated to her son Chase, K Michelle sings a beautiful prayer full of encouragement and support. K Michelle softens her voice without sacrificing the soul.
Better Than Nothing
One of three bonus tracks, this track declares that “a little of something is better than nothing.” The exotic beat meshes well with the sultry soulness of K Michelle’s voice. Throughout the entire album, K Michelle has lamented about how she’s fed up of being mistreated, yet she wants to stick around for the bare minimum. This track contradicts the content of the previous tracks.
The Right One
The second of three bonus tracks, K Michelle threatens to let loose her inner “ratchetness” on a man who has been doing her wrong. K Michelle’s voice is calm and controlled like a woman scorned and ready to strike down this man. The piano melody is present and K Michelle’s vocals are up to par.
Same Man
In the third and final bonus track, K Michelle finally admits her vicious cycle of loving the same man rather than singing the same song with different lyrics. This is a fitting ending to the album and hopefully K Michelle has gotten the “same man” out of her system and brings fresh material for her next album.
Rebellious Soul could be the soundtrack for a tumultuous relationship, where one day she wants to f*ck her man’s brains out and the next morning she doesn’t like herself for it. The musical themes and lyrics are somewhat repetitive and contradictory when it comes to men and relationships, but that’s what makes the album successful. Women relate to her life and K Michelle delivers a raw and emotional piece of work, putting her experiences on full display in each song. Her piano talent is sprinkled throughout almost every song on the album adding a softer element to the harsher subject matter. K Michelle’s soulful voice mixes beautifully with the deeper more emotional ballads and gets tough yet remains feminine for more of the hip-hop inspired tracks. K Michelle vocal talent can not be denied and although the album is personal and a reflection of K Michelle’s life, it seems like she is in a dangerous cycle when comes to men and relationships. A cycle that listeners can get tired of hearing after the first three tracks. Hopefully K Michelle gets some new life experience and brings variety on her next album.
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