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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Force has Awakend the Turn of the Century - theatrical glamour touches reality | @PatMcGrath @CoverGirl @StarWars

The Film Entertainment industry has reached our hearts in so many shapes and forms.  From the Theatrical drama scenes that capture the moment, to the thriller, intense heat that jumps us off our seat to the fictional tales that makes us wonder what if, or for sum the fictional stories are to far fetched to even think it can be reality and not just a movie.

Science fiction movie scenery 1977

In 2015, nothing is to far fetched anymore, whether it is technology, science fiction, anything revolutionary, that is what is means to live in the Millennium.  
As our branding team says "It's Gotta Be Epic!"

The Next Slogan - Its Gotta Be Epic

It is only the due time that our Movie scenes / theatrical glamour hits reality not just with the ordinary fun trending novelty and gear you see in your Hollywood gift shops of a Hit Movie.  No in 2015 its the kind Movie Revolutionary trends that hits home, where your whole world has actually evolved into even the actual timing of the series trilogy finale.

If you are a Trilogy aka Star Wars fan, you completely get where i am coming from.  How Ironic that in 1977 when everyone was wearing bell bottoms, and talking about flower power a Movie released revealed such a far fetch scenery that was so fictional and Wowed us all.  But yet 38 years later we prepare to view another Star Wars saga, perhaps the last, who knows just yet, the most fascinating thing is the timing of the movie scenes is not so far fetched of our reality today.

If you pay any attention to history and the changes globally, you will know that is coming very common to think of another planet to dwell in other than earth, and the fashion industry has taken a huge turn where almost anything can be fashionable, but the bigger picture is Revolutionary - Runway fashion trending adapting to Global Warming

Led Mask - modeled on the runway 2015

We now see this vastly growing trend not only in our wardrobe and New face mask, but also skin care, & makeup.  World famous Make-up artist Pat McGrath from Northampton, England, behind the so many National Make-up Brands such as Covergirl, Max Factor, SK-11, Dolce & Gabanna, Giorgio Armani, and not to mention on high demand for Celebs J.Lo, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Oprah and many more has now also created the Ultimate Series to bring that Epic Movie Scenes to our Daily reality!

Covergirl has launched the "Star Wars - the force awakens" series in Droid & Stormtrooper for the Light Side & Dark Side as we have learned is Good & Evil in our so loved Star Wars Trilogy fascinating world.