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Monday, November 3, 2014

Your Mobile Phone can Now Identify & Recognize Image like your brain! | @findSimilar @Cortexica @FashionXchange

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Cortexica screen shots
The Future of Visual Search with fashtech company Cortexica
by Olya Rostov | Behind The Label Issue No.8 
If you ever wondered if one day your mobile phone would identify and recognize images like a human brain, a UK based technology company Cortexica Vision Systems made it happen.

Cortexica created a visual technology platform after seven years of academic research which can deal with challenging real-life mobile images, containing varied lighting, occlusion by other objects, varying object distances, cluttered backgrounds, differences in viewing angles, and the technology is scalable to internet-size databases. The sophisticated image recognition system created by Cortexica evolves and learns - just like the human brain. They gave the smart technology a name - findSimilar™.