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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dez Laws - "Cake"

Dez Laws_JOR ModelDEZ LAWS "Cake"
With the world as her runway, it'll only be a matter of time before this Cuban,eclectic & unique beauty is sashaying down a runway in Paris. Inspired by "Tyra Banks", "Dez Laws" became a model at heart. Growing in her career with photo-shoots every week, shes already made a few public appearances. From runway shows to music video appearances with rap artists "E-40", "YG", "The Game" & more. Ambition is an understatement when describing her drive. This is only the beginning. who knows we just might see her working hand in hand with "Taz Arnold" or the infamous "Alexander McQueen". "Dez Laws" is a vixen diva on the rise making her way to a runway near you.
Written by: Saddity - JOR - Assistant PR

Dez Laws "Cake"

Cuban. Gorgeous, and Vibrantly vivacious in
her iconic career as a top model.
18+ Model
5’8” / 124lb


"Hosting, Media, Campaigns, Videos, Urban, Glamour, Magazine photo-shoots, Brand Photo-shoots & Runway"
"Dez Laws" brings luxurious photos and appearance to any project with her eclectic and unique poses.
DSC_8410DEzBlhackMoonrRAIN-2Click to View: The Rain Photo Shoot by: Blhack Moon
2775a6f0c12611e2a64f22000a1f968e_7Click to View: Dez Laws in the Cokehead Photo shoot by: BlhackMoon Photography
E-40-FtClick to View: "Dez Laws" featured in E-40 ft Lil Jon Video "RIPPED" @3:23
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