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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brooklyns Pilot: "Joe Ness" #SaluteThePilot - #Hehhh


“Salute the Pilot” – “Hehhh”

"Joe Ness" refuses not to be heard, His Hit Single: "The Pilot" Currently interrupting your daily programs on VH1, Oxygen, & BET Networks in Brooklyn areas. To be acknowledged as a “Fly”, good Hearted, talented business man, delivering “First-Class” quality music.
The Pilot - Single

"Joe Ness"

Single: "The Pilot" NOW takes flight across the Nation, with Promo Singles: “I Go to Work” & “Sneaker Box” streaming through U.S. & U.K.
“I plan to give my fans the missing “over your head punch line” from Hip Hop, the Bar that makes you do the “Ugly face” & "Rewind It.”, making it my profession there is something for every listening ear." “He” the best to ever do it, “I’m here!”, and I plan to be here for a while, you may as well pull up a chair”
– “Joe Ness” Quotes
maxresdefaultClick to View: "Joe Ness" - "The Pilot"
IMG_5663_2Joe Ness "Snakes on a Plane"
joenessheader_brooklynbridgeClick to go to: JoeNess.com
"LIKE": https://www.facebook.com/JoeyMoreBucks / Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/TeamJoeNess
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ushh(Unsigned Hype) Joe Ness Interview

js networksThe Pilot by Joe Ness TV Commercial - Now Airing in Brooklyn Area Networks:
JOE NESS LIVE Radio Interview, has listeners off the hook, LISTEN IN TO www.thelowriderliveshow.com (@11.35)
MONDO_RECORDS_cmyk_copy_01"Sneaker Box" Ft: Solo Bombe TRACK#17 by Deejay Dropsy - Italy 2013 edition
Bookings: info@BBELiveOnline.com / Management: fresh1204inc@gmail.com
PR, Media, Radio: juelsofrome@gmail.com (909)358-1827
UK Promo & PR: qsprojectent@gmail.com
Join "Joe Ness" in Support of "Keep a Child Alive"
- Alicia Keys Foundation
50% of Joe Ness Single Sales on Reverb Nation go to The "Keep A Child Alive" Foundation




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