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Monday, September 18, 2023

West Coast Queen's single hits #33 on iTunes Charts, "I SAID WHAT I SAID" @AshantiMajor


    "If You Want to see the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain"... a Popular saying from a very talented and passionate artist at the edge of Greatness that's none other than west coast self-made royalty Ashanti Major.  Her single "I SAID WHAT I SAID"  officially charted on June 30th and on the same day, officially peaked at #33 on hip hop charts, which is actually close to now hitting 1/2 million streams. This West Coast native is making waves from California to Las Vegas and across the states as she gets ready for her Everything  Major Tour !! Keep a lookout for this rising superstar. "I'm Taking the west coast worldwide I Got my foot on their necks and I'm not letting up‼️... Ashanti Major"

Written by @darealceozay

THAT'S RAD!! Charts #3 on iTunes Charts by @CATDADMAKESMUSIC

CAT DAD's New Album project "That's Rad" Charted on August 1st, Officially peaking at #3 on alternative charts his project dropped on July 28, 2023.  His fans are going crazy literally, some who've been following his journey for 10+ years,  and even his Target co-worker affiliates were cheering him on all day.. via Instagram, YouTube, etc. This young man's talented ability to create a canvas with his songs is heavily getting notoriety and getting him great fan buzz .. across all platforms. His latest Song "Yours for Good " was released on YouTube last month and already has a steadily growing view count of over 20k views this is another timeless record that I feel will never get old. #WhoisCatDad Get to Know this rising Artist.

Written by @darealceozay

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Monday, April 24, 2023

This past weekend we made history at Boosie's “Nu World” Event Center Grand Opening 3 day event

Where People come to enjoy a moment, Nu World because it's a New World.

- Boosie Badazz

   Las Vegas experienced a weekend in History this past weekend as Boosie Badazz opened his "Nu World" Event Center, making him the first Celebrity to create his own residency in Las Vegas.  Boosie Badazz has been building his own residency in Las Vegas as he is investing in what was known as the Sahara Event Center in Las Vegas Nevada and has turned it into the Nu World Event Center!

The Sahara Event Center has been a staple in the Entertainment Industry since 1960, as it hosted and broke many legendary artists and acts such as Bob Marley, Carlos Santana, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors. It was also a regular hangout for The Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr). Since then the building has been used as a hockey rink, event center, and concert venue. Witness firsthand Nu World as Boosie brings the center back to its Limelight in the city that never sleeps. 

  Get the "Boosie Experience" in his Nu World Event Center at one of his upcoming Concerts, a Full Music Studio, a Merch Store, a Barber Salon, and (much more coming soon).  Whether in town to party, on business, or touring, come get the full Boosie Badazz experience with Lil Boosie and his many celebrity friends at our next event at Nu World - Las Vegas




BOOSIES "NU WORLD" GALLERY https://albums.memento.com/BoosiesNuWorld

GRAND OPENING RECAP (APRIL 21ST) https://youtu.be/kK_wFbQbkMU


Wednesday, March 22, 2023


According to numerology, the number one represents the start of things. Whether it be a new journey or path, maybe you've seen a high frequency of repeating ones lately.

Angel numbers are repeating number sequences often used as guides for deeper spiritual exploration with each numeral having its own significance. 

In a conversation with numerologist Novalee Wilder, USA TODAY dives deeper into the number one, its angel number meaning and how it can inform your relationships and career. 

What are angel numbers? Beginner's guide to angel numbers and what they (could) mean. 

From 11:11 on the clock to a total of $1.11 on your receipt, this angel number can signal a new journey of self is on the horizon, said Wilder. The angel number is also associated with confidence, motivation and independence. 

"One is new beginnings, the start of things, creation," Wilder said. 

The repeating sequence of one is also centered around ego and the individual. The angel number 111 means to be present and ready to engage with whatever is coming your way, said Wilder. 

While you may not have the right tools ready for this new path, one energy is self-assured. Seeing the angel number 111 signifies confidence within yourself and motivates your own strength and decision-making when opportunities are sent your way. 

Mic Jaay

 Chicago’s very own Mic Jaay has consistently been dropping hit after hit and doesn’t seem to be letting up. The singer/songwriter's most recent release “Forever Me, Remember Me” is pushing him back to the forefront of music. From the beat selection to the pockets hit, Mic Jaay  is showing his ability to stay afloat. 

To listen to the full release, click the links below.

Apple Music 



Saturday, March 18, 2023

Get Your Lies Straight by @officialDemegod x YE


Get your Lies straight is a classic Hip Hop rap-style track. That brings back the hard-hitting Boom Bap. With the 90's flow and lyrical content 

Preview: Demegod "Get Your Lies Straight" ft. YE

Sunday, February 12, 2023

FUN FACT V-Day Treats from the West Coast Queen @AshantiMajor

Ashanti Major's single "Wats Craccin'?" Charted top 100 on iTunes Charts on October 8th, 2023 peaking at #64.  On the morning of October 9th "Wats Craccin'?" reached #41 yet that evening peaked at #39 on iTunes charts.  By October 12th, her single "Wats Craccin'?" peaked at #29, which makes Ashanti Major the first indie female and artist to peak on the charts for more than 24 hr period staying on iTunes charts for a whopping 4 consecutive days!  Not only did her single "Wats Craccin'?" chart, yet her entire project "California Heat 2" mixtape Project also Charted in September of 2023 peaking top 10 at #8.  Don't sleep on the West Coast Queen "Ashanti Major" she's coming in Hottt, and she just kicked off the year strong on west coast red carpets like the Premiere Of The Zeus Network's "Baddies West" event held January 22nd of 2023 and many more to come.  

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S/O to Major Music affiliate partners & team for applying pressure within the Everything Major journey!



Thursday, January 5, 2023

Tequilas' Thursdays is coming to Las Vegas every other F'n Thursday

Tequilas' Thursdays is coming to Las Vegas every other F'n Thursday at Kings Lounge across the street from UNLV. Come Network, Mingle, Perform, and Build with innovators and creators from around the world.

Tequilas’ Thursdays. A networking function for the entertainment industry's real, dedicated, talented people. An Exclusive event to connect with others that are just as dedicated, resilient, go-getters. This is the new wave of movers and shakers that not only got what it takes to get their careers to the next level but also understand the determination necessary to embark on new business endeavors.

Pre-launch Preview January 19th at 6pm - 4am pst


info: (323) 356-2257 | (323) 251-1JOR[567]  

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Santa Cosus and His Elves EP @Marcosus peaks #97 on iTunes Top #100 Charts



It's not every Holiday a indie on the rise charts top #100 on iTunes Charts, yet for one Artist exception brings the heat in the run with the A-listers.  With over hundreds of Holiday favorites trending, once again per usual Marcosus drops a project worthy of the placement landing on iTunes Charts, and this holiday peaking #97 on Holiday Top 100 iTunes Charts.  Marcosus has been peaking the charts last few album projects, and is ringing in 2023 with his Holiday project "Santa Cosus and His Elves" featuring his sons.    

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Swerv Jones bringing in 2023 with relentless🔥🔥🔥

Hailing straight from the south side of Syracuse, N.Y., Swerv Jones is one of the hottest indie on the rise heavy on the underground scenes. With the release of two mixtapes (Zones) & (Levels) and a slew of other singles and freestyles, Jones is making his mark and making it loud and clear. His latest single, Whispers has garnered quite a buzz, as Jones is gearing up to make 2023 his breakthrough year.  

View Swerv Jones "@ease" official music visuals