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Monday, October 17, 2016

It's a Wrap for #LA #Fall2016 #FashionWeek | Highlights & Review @LAFashionCorner @TheNoticeNetwork

A Beautiful evening it was in LA's hot spot known as the Supper Club +Boulevard3 that sits on Sunset Boulevard, with the ambiance a central park with hanging chandelier lights glistening into the night of delectable industry guest, toasting to the wrap up season of #LA's Fashion Week.  

LA Fashion Corner's Still Entry Runway 

This Young Fresh Breath took the night with her Interactive Vibes, Enlightening Poses, and Catwalk that stirred up nothing but pure enjoyment and Fashion entertainment on and off the Runway!  #RNRN / #CoolVTV looks forward to seeing much more of this beauty!

#RNRN / #CoolVTV reports it was a Enchanting evening with beautiful people and launching unique brands.  From the inviting still introduction stunning models, VIP lounging, to the lighted up trees in the hall, and runway stage above the main Ball room bar, and the DJ Music vibing out this was a night to remember.

The Runway Stage sits above the Main Ballroom Full Service Bar +Boulevard3 

LA urban Shabby Chick came alive in the ballroom with the many designers who took the runway with there stunning clothing line drops, with Courtney Allegra, Delise Ana, Fashion Rehab, Rufina, and Cioccolato Collections.

The Courtney Allegra Swim Collection courtneyallegra.com

Eliya Cioccolato Collection eliyacioccolato.com

Fashion Rehab Collection rehabclothing.com

The Finale - Delise Ana Collection deliseana.com

This was indeed one of our favorites of the night with a "Bey's" single "Formation" introduction to the "Delise Ana Runway Collection.   Delise Ana Collection is a Fashion line fit for Lifestyle and Performance Costume needs, from Casual to Formal by Delise Ana of South Carolina.

This is a #TheNEXT, #RatedNextRadioNetwork, #CoolVTV, & #DivasOnDeck of LA's Fashion Week closing night!  That's a Wrap! - Till next time ;) #SLAY

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