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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#LMAO Taking it Back - Recap to one the best 1990's Comedy films #Blankman | @humormill @ColumbiaPictures

On this day in comedy on August 19, 1994 Blankman was released by Columbia Pictures!
Directed by Mike Binder and co-written and starring Damon Wayans, this superhero spoof tells the story of a clueless repairman living in the hood and almost getting killed in it.   Wayans has to have his grandmother slaughtered by local hoodlums to realize he’s not in a good neighborhood.   Instead of moving he decides to become a crime fighter like his idol, Batman.   He invents gadgets to help him in his quest to clean up the city and puts on a costume complete with a mask to hide his identity and a bullet proof chest, but not head.  
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