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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Will the real Spider-Man stand up?!

Recently last year of 2015, Marvel ended it's regular universe and it's Ultimate Universe (which featured popular characters such as Mile Morales/Spiderman, Ultimates (Avengers),Ultimate X-Men, and Ultimate Fantastic Four) with an universe ending event the Secret Wars. Comic fans might remember the 80's Secret Wars but this one was different where it was basically going to be a soft reboot of the Marvel Universe. Not as ambitious as DC's New 52 relaunch. Initially introduced during Free Comic Book day Marvel released a Free Comic Day standalone issue which was a starter point for the event. Marvel introduced multiple the concept of multiple Earths and realities where every universe converged and destroyed each other. CHECK OUT THE LINK HERE FOR MARVEL'S 2015 SECRET WARS EXPLAINED.

Just like Harley Quinn and Batman Beyond with DC became popular characters that crossed over from cartoons to comics to mainstream pop culture, Marvel did in 2011 kill off Peter Parker in the Death of Spiderman story where he died having a final confrontation with the Green Goblin and having suffered a gun wound from a shot by Punisher. Spiderman had died defending the ones he loved from his arch enemy.

Shortly afterwards Marvel introduced another Spiderman which was a mixed Black and Latino kid, Miguel Morales. This Spiderman shortly after adopting the mantle of Spiderman adopted a different costume and based off of his origin story had different powers than the traditional Peter Parker Spidey. Miles can camoflauge into his environment and has a venom blast which stuns his adversaries along with being able to crawl walls and make web to swing.

After recently wrapping up their Secret Wars event, Marvel relaunch a lot of it's popular titles as part of their Marvel NOW campaign for this article they brought the popular character of Miles Morales to the mainstream Marvel Universe where his character is under the Spider-Man series while being mentored by original Spiderman Peter Parker as a protege'.

The Peter Parker that fans know and love as the regular Spiderman has been given a new status quo. Parker is head of his own company, Parker Industries which has took over Stark Industries as the premiere tech manufacturer of weapons for S.H.I.E.L.D. And Parker also fights crime worldwide as Spiderman while Miguel Morales protects New York. And both members are members of the Avengers.

This new Spider-man series tackles teenage and race issues. And we here at Rated Next find the new Spider-man series to be an ambitious move by Marvel. And Miles Morales has been featured in other Spiderman stories like Spider-Men where the 616 Spiderman crosses over to the Ultimate Universe to team up with Miguel, Cataclysm, Secret Wars, and the All New All Different Avengers. And has even been featured in Disney's XD popular Ultimate Spiderman series as one of Spidey's web warriors.

Both Spidermans are featured prominently in Marvel. A lot of fans are hopeful that maybe we can see Miguel Morales in either the Marvel Cinematic Universe or even in a Sony standalone movie. The character of Miguel Morales was inspired from not only actor Donald Glover but also President Barack Obama. Even Michelle Obama applaud the ambitious creation of this character and many people can relate to a Spiderman of color. Other popular fan favorite other Spiderman character is Spiderman 2099, which is half white and Mexican and is a geneticist that gains spider powers.