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Friday, April 29, 2016

#TGIF #Weekend #TU - The #Industries #Insomniac #MrOfficialWhistle & Partner Wayne Royale at The #FINALE #PARADOX | @mrofficialwhistle @waynesworld23


Cool V aka Mr, Official Whistle at Paradox Winter 2016

As the Paradox's closing event kicks off Saturday April 30th @ 10pm thru Sunday May 1st doors close @ 5pm.  If you are heading to Baltimore for the finale, you can be over joyed to know the Event is #WhistleApproved as the Industries Music & Marketing insomniac Mr. Official Whistle himself and partner in crime Wayne Royale are there to bless the finale nights with their presence and spread Good Vibez!   What other to expect but Good Vibez from the Industries Insomniac aka Cool Vibez.

 Wayne Royale - Blogger / writer for the NEXT at Paradox Winter 2016

The imminent closing of the historical PARADOX this Spring is almost here and we must celebrate in GRAND STYLE with a WEEKENDER that will be nothing short of EPIC!!

The Dox has been home to so many and the hub of dance music/underground culture in Baltimore City for 25 years. Wayne Davis has been leading the charge and now it is time for the community to give back to one who has given us all countless hours to dance - moments of musical bliss and social acceptance!

We know it's IMPOSSIBLE to get everyone in the building to enjoy the venue all in ONE night - so we've decided to make it a WEEKENDER!
Start organizing your schedules..hotels...planes..trains and automobiles!!
The kickoff starts Friday night with a brief respite to collect yourselves - then it's NONSTOP from 10pm Saturday night - on thru to Sunday night (doors close at 5pm so make sure your in the building already)! The dance won't stop until Wayne Davis plays the last record of the weekend!
Come dance with us Friday, Saturday and Sunday on

Make sure to not miss the finale as its going up all weekend starting NOW!!!