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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Catch @UltraNateMusic & @LisaMoody this Thanksgiving weekend bring that @DEEPSUGAR in D.C.!

Just two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending my first House party with my bro Cool V (follow him on Instagram @mrofficialwhistle) in Baltimore at an historical last night at Paradox Entertainment's & Ultra Nates' Deep Sugar event. The vibe of going to an House club is much different than that of a Hip-Hop, Rap, or a reggae club. You should definitely be prepared to dance and sweat your ass off. You don't want to be suited and booted for this party. This is more of an t-shirt and jeans thing. Everyone who attends an House party is there for two things: THE MUSIC AND TO DANCE! It's about having fun. Sure there is a bar and you can have drinks but the music keeps you going and if anything you need water and a sweat towel because you are going to go in. There you can party from 11 pm all the way to 7 am. I did not sleep much and definitely did spend some money but IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

The club is set up in an old warehouse. There were four different rooms with different DJ's rotating out through out the night and then in the main room was Ultra Nate' spinning. People eventually poured in as soon as the doors opened. It was very cold that weekend but with dancing so much and people packing the warehouse club to capacity you wouldn't think about the cold from the outside.

For more about who Ultra Nate' is just in case you are not familiar with classic Deep House and pop music, Ultra Naté (born March 20, 1968, Havre de Grace, Maryland) is an American House and Dance-Pop musician who has achieved success on the Pop charts with songs such as "Free" and "If You Could Read My Mind", as part of Stars on 54 and Automatic.

Virtually all of her singles have reached the Top 10 of the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart. Such singles include "Show Me", "Free", "Desire", "Get it Up (the Feeling)", "Love's the Only Drug", and her number-one hits "Automatic", "Give it All You Got" featuring Chris Willis, "Waiting On You" and "Everybody Loves the Night".

Ultra Nate' at the DJ booth on the turntables, another DJ (there were five DJ's in different rooms)

Shouts to Shades of Dance13 for the video. SUBSCRIBE HERE to his YouTube.

As you can see at Paradox, it was packed and people were dancing all the way into 7 in the morning! If you are in the DMV area this Thanksgiving weekend I implore you to go check out Ultra Nate' and Lisa Moody's Deep Sugar event this Saturday at the U Street Music Hall. FOR MORE INFO, CHECK OUT THEIR FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

Ultra Naté https://www.facebook.com/ultranatemusic

Lisa Moody https://twitter.com/lisamoody