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Friday, October 9, 2015

#NewMusic behind the scenes of All people in Our communities to #LiveTogether | @JordanJameslife @AJMcLean


Its somewhat of a cliche,
of course,
as everyone wants to change the world
and make it a better,
a safer place.
- #LiveTogetherFoundation

Scene from the New Music Video #LiveTogether by AJ McLean and Jordan James

Pop - Rock Star AJ McLean of the Back Street boys teams up with Jordan James Songwriter in creating a global movement to speak up, Reach out, Raise Money, and Make a Difference regardless of ethnicity, race, color, or gender to all people across the globe.  Today they are doing just that through out and with the New Hot Music Video single: #LiveTogether - Officially launched Thursday October 7th, 2015.

The powerful video depicts a young beautiful innocent African - American girl walking through world street war turmoil within riots of people vs. police - the views of what we witness today in so many communities across the states, nations, world.  The girl speaks loud of peace and the innocence and love of humanity wearing a red dress holding a Yellow daisy flower.  The message across the globe is basic, we have tried war, lets try #LOVE!

Behind the Scenes
People like you and me, Fans gather from across the globe of all ethnicity, color, race, in contribution to the movement and play extras in the music video with the Songwriter star Jordan James & Backstreet Boy's - AJ McLean

McLean and Omley committed to creating something that could stretch across the world, something that could inspire people to get involved, something that stood for the most simple and pure ideal: helping people.
Lets #LiveTogether and Support eachother - livetogetherfoundation.org

Download "Live Together" at Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/AJLiveTogether
Download "Live Together" on the Google Play store: http://smarturl.it/LiveTogetherGP
Listen to "Live Together" on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LiveTogetherSP


Copyright (C) 2015 AJ McLean, Jordan Omley, Mike Mani, Isaiah Leavitt.