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Monday, September 21, 2015

The #Victory in #history for #AfricanAmerican #Beautiful #Creative #Talented #Women - and what a #Awing moment it was at the #Emmys2015 | @televisionacad @daytimeemmys #67thAnnual #Emmy2015

What a beautiful night in History it was at the Emmy's last-night for all mankind & our beautiful God given sister's, African American Women in Television!  And i do say sisters, because by all means they are, after all we are all human kind and share the same home as well as made up of the same formula - Humanity!

I am so happy to see this moment come, it brought tears to my eyes, being of a diverse group myself, of Hispanic roots, nothing is a cinch when you are not of pale color.  But i must say we all have to continue to fight and never give up on what is owned to us, by our creator.  And i must add we are all equal, but of difference color, descendants, roots, love, and life, but all beautiful, creative, and amazingly unique, and that is what makes us all related, that is what defines us as Humans.

It is about time there is open portals and windows of opportunity for all, for showing humanity across the globe is how we live by instinct, in loving one another, making a difference in our world.

So great Day and Victory to those of all American - African - or for any other than fair skin, that many more blessings and that the strive and struggle to this day has not only brought Victory, but strength from within, and the power to never give up and keep Dreams, Keep pushing for your dreams, Reach for the stars, because the sky is the limit! <3 i="" nbsp="">

"We Love you all, from our Family team to yours"

"Diversity - This is the most diverse group in history, so congratulations Hollywood you have now did it! Racism is over.. " 
Quotes: Emmy 2015 Host - Andy Samber (Actor / Comedian)

Viola Davis' Emmy win for lead actress in a drama is the first time a black actress has won the category.  Uzo Aduba, wins Outstanding Supporting Actress in Drama Series for "Orange is the New Black".   Regina King wins Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie for "American Crime". 

"In my mind, i see a line, and over that line a see green fields, and lovely flowers and beautiful white women with there arms stretched out to me over that line,. but i cant seem to get there no how, i cant see how to get there!"
- Quotes: "Viola Davis" a historical quote
- a 1800 "Harriet Tubman" - 
(1800 Born Slave African-American Woman abolitionisthumanitarian, during the American Civil War)

Viola Davis expressed her gratitude to the Television Academy - Production Film industry for the creative works to the industries portal to allow African-American, Beautiful Talented Women over the line to there Victory! 

Regina King heartfelt speech in honor of all African American Heritage

Uzo Aduba shows her gratitude in winning Emmy for Supporting Actress in a drama Series

67th Annual - Emmy Awards 2015 
(full HD Primetime Emmy Awards)