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Monday, September 14, 2015

How not to answer, the common interview question! | #Cosmo @juelsofrome @coolvsratednext

Q: If You Were an Elephant what would you do with your Trunk?
- cosmoforlatinas.com fall2015 pg 120

Are you looking for a new career, step up the later, or out of college and ready to go job searching!?  Before you plunge into the search there are a great few tips you should know that can help you land the NEXT position in your dream career - field!

Q: "How do you fit a Giraffe in a Fridge?"

If your not new to the workforce well then you remember the time, you slipped on your good Basic Black Suite, Little Black Dress, Sweat, and did some basic research on the company you are going to interview with, and hope and pray they like you enough to give you a chance, just a shot at even part time or in the door to show them your great work ethics and whew - "the lines you struggled to remember" to land the job!  Well that time has past, long gone past!  No more easy peazy interviews!

I already know what your thinking, omg, how much harder can it been, being the job search is already hard!  Lets Just say this is a challenge and if you can place the steps in-front of you and the to do's and not to do's, well you just may be your next dream jobs Favorite New Asset! 

Q: Do you have any questions for me?
"Always have questions prepared about the team,
the role,
or the company.  
If you've already got the answers,
'This has been a very detailed discussion
- but can i come back to you if i think of anything else?"
- cosmoforlatinas.com fall2015 pg 121

In a fast paced Revolutionized globe we live in, you are gonna have to put a whole lot more effort into your goals!   Let's take the saying: Dream, Believe, Achieve into real time action!  So sure Education is great, in fact anything you set out to do you should know well, like the back of your hand.  Think of in comparison to a blind person, and walking in your home but knowing where to turn, and how to manage all on your own!

Companies are not only looking for your skills, knowledge, expertise, but also want to know why should they pay you to work for them?  What are they going to gain from hiring you that they can't just set a tech app or program to do for them.  Remember in the - now, a fast pace revolutionized world, its a cinch to take a few extra hours a day and cover task if it means saving paying out a income to a new prospective "human asset"!  

Corporate, Companies, the business world want to be assured that you are unique, above and beyond there expectations, out of the ordinary, nothing they ever thought of, but everything they could ever want and more!  You know just like that perfect relationship you thrive for if you do not have a perfect significant other already, you know how you want to be WOW'd!

So lets get to work on how to be spectacular!   First of all lets review the basics.

These are the basics - the must know, must have, must be!  The easiest way to proceed is remember you are immaculately made to be awemazing, so don't be afraid to be you!  The Millennium is more susceptible to different so be who you are and let your creative, knowledge self reveal and keep it professional!

Because the Millennium is fast moving, the job markets, have a lot of turnover, and its costly to lose good talent, so companies are looking for new ways of finding the perfect fit, says the Hartford's Millennial Workplace Expert, Lindsey Pollak. "Group interviews, daylong interviews, are happening because people are trying to make the best hiring decisions they can" she says.

So pull out your thinking hat, keep a pen and pad next to your bed, and when you get brilliant ideas of how to be awemazing make sure to jot em down, even if you have to wake up from your sleep at night.  This is great practice of Bright thinkers, and i bet you have skills that only you are great and and unique!