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Thursday, August 13, 2015

What makes Entertainment #Haute - Breaking the industry with the New @iceandcocotalk

Breaking all the rules?, but who else could do it so well and i must say fabulously well done, real, uncut in good taste, high fashion, glitz and glamour.  Nobody else in the Entertainment Industry but Veteran Ice - T. aka ICE a west-coast Rap artist / Musician & Actor, most memorable as Odafin "Fin" Tutuola in the TV Crime Series "Law & Order" .  Ice set out to stay away from Gang Lifestyle in early 80's, to make a name for himself doing what he loved as a Icon in the Entertainment and Music industry.  

He is now breaking all the rules with revolutionary entertainment with his Wife Coco (Now expecting there first child) She is a fabulous Sexy Classy and Talented woman as well. 

Coco Austin & Ice T at Top Five movie premier 2014 

Coco Glam Model entered the Fashion Glamour industry in early 2000's with some marketing assistance of Cool Vee (Vibez) aka #MrOfficialWhistle along with many other well known industry Vets headlining in Swimsuit, lingerie, & glamour body modeling.  Coco has continued to uphold her household name as Actress, Model, Dancer, Show Host, Web personality and more and a fabulous gorgeous beautiful woman inside and out. 

"Coco" Glamour Model Shoot 2000 for inflexwetrust.com

August 2015 her and her Love Ice hit Fox with there baby Reality Show "Ice & Coco" bringing you uncut, real, behind the scenes, the unknown, the next, trending from High fashion, sports, music, movies, home goods, Celeb life & glamour essentials and much more! This show is not just about all the glamour and glitz, but about Real from the talented people in the entertainment industry to the spices of life for your family and home!  

A must watch, Devo showing times Monday - Friday on fox at 11 am eastern time / 1 pm pacific or check the times in your area here 

 Ice & Coco are expecting - Ice & Coco LIVE daily on Fox

Ice Show Dog Trainer & Good Friend -  Ice & Coco LIVE daily on Fox

 How to Spice up you Bedroom interior w. Special Guest Inderior Designer
 -  Ice & Coco LIVE daily on Fox

Get a Bangin' Bod -  Ice & Coco LIVE daily on Fox
Take a Peak of Full epidisode Aug 11th 2015

A Peak into the week ending Aug 13th & 14th 2015 also ICE CUBE on LIVE Friday! 

Aug 13th 2015 - Ice Closing words for the day:

Love is not looking just into the eyes of who you love but looking into the same direction!

Sex is only Dirty when its not right!

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