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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

@TaylorSwift is breaking the industry, Why you should be Tweeting! | @Juelsofrome @mrofficialwhistle @teamratednext

From networking in a small town to your local Mom & Pop spots, and or driving the distance to make contact with either fans or reppitable business opportunities, that is the thing of the past.  As we are learning quickly, the ways to communicate have expanded onto another level and will only get better quickly.  So if you are not already utilizing Social Networks such as twitter for your Branding needs, its highly recommended to get started.

In the Entertainment & Music Industry, Social Networks are Breaking Hollywood, where if you are an Actor, DJ, Musician, Spokes person, what ever it may be even behind the scenes and not networking faithfully on social networks, someone else is!

Taylor Swift in "Bad Blood" Music Video

Washingtonpost.com reported Artist Taylor Swift as #64 most powerful women of the world, and one of those reasons is the presence she gives to her fans on the social networks.  Taylor new Music video "Bad Blood" reached over 20 million views within 24 hours, and yes credit to the "Billboard Music Awards" as she drops the debut live on TV.

Taylor Swifts Take home 8 Billboard Award trophy's May 2015

Since 2013 businessinsider.com recorded that TV Viewers have dropped 50% due to Social Networks have been thriving with streaming videos, personal celeb life you can capture right from your own account.

Taylor Swift with a cat  - Stars on Social Network which blew up the internet @paradoxoff

"Taylor Swift is the Reigning Queen of Celebrity Social-Media" - States Vulture.com - Oct 2014, and in reply Taylor Swift says, "I Cyber-Talk because I Care!"  Taylor Swift not only shares on social media, but does reply to her fans in brief conversation, and she has been able to keep her fans locked in and growing as they feel a personal relationship with the icon singer.  Many others in the industry have been thriving with Social Media such as Comedian - Kevin Hart, Reality Stars - Kardashians, blockbuster movies and much more. read more The End of Hollywood & the Rise of Social Media on +VentureBeat 

So if its working for the Celebs, why would you not promo your brand on social networks.   "If its not broken, don't fix it!" right, here are sum great tips why and what you can be doing on twitter.

  • Announcements & Updates
    •  Promo your Product, Services, upcoming events
    • Tweet when on vacation to keep your fans / clients entertained and feel they a closer connection with you

  •  Do your Homework
    • Research your competitors
    • Learn more about your clients, friends, media or influences are tweeting about.
      • This will help you to keep on your toes of what you should present next
  •  Networking 
    • Network with new contacts
    • Build your business contact list 
    • Build your followers and follow your influences
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