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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#NewMusic - UK's Sensation - @OlivialouiseUK ft @wade (Olivia Louise #HappyCampaign2015 #Official #Winner) | @MrOfficialWhistle @Juelsofrome

From the United Kingdom the Fresh New Sensation "Olivia Louise" is killing the RnB scene lyrically with her Deep Mesmerizing Fresh Vocals.  She Recently released her Single "Skin Deep" on SBTV in February. 

The Vocalist drops another hit last week called Platonia. 

"Platonia , a timeless realm containing every possible "Now". The view that time , as we percieve it, does not exist as anything other than an illusion ..."
- Olivia Louise states

Olivia Louise is Next, claiming her spot globally, as she already has the #OfficialWhistle by @MrOfficialWhistle aka +Cool V  The Marketing Insomniac!  

Not only does this Beauty embrace you with her soft inviting vocals but brings you fresh New Looks & Great Vibez from fashion, music, and more entertaining to all senses. 

Olivia Louise - behind the scenes Photo Shoot for "Jungle Magazine - Issue #7"
Issue out NOW ig @jungle_magazine

 Olivia Louise on the air +unityradio 

+Olivia Louise Rocked +ILUVLIVE on her B-day in early April 2015 
Sound Check +ILUVLIVE +Iluvlivelavalive 

Olivia Louise
Follow ig @OliviaLouiseUK | t @Olivia_LouiseUK | Soundcloud @Olivia-Louise 
g+ +Olivia Louise 

Keep a look out for More "Olivia Louise" NEW Music, Fashion Editorials, Features & Much more - COMING SOON!

"Olivia Louise" is an Official #MrOfficialWhistle 2015 #Happy Campaign Winner
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