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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Laserkraft 3D that orbited from Germany across the globe | @Napithmusic

Laserkraft 3D is orbiting from Germany’s thriving club scene into America, after their hit track “Nein, Mann!” which is keeping people dancing from country to country. Laserkraft 3D has such an energetic ambiance wherever they go as they have combined their original backgrounds of the Rock and DJ scene into abnormal laser techno. They have gone from the hyped up dirty tech house underground scene into electro raves, driving people wild with their vibrant colors and catchy melodies.
“Nein, Mann!” was picked up by the masses and finally secured the number one position on the German dance chart. The record went gold in Germany winning Laserkraft 3D the honor of the 2011 “Comet” award and selling 150,000 records.
The young German duo produced not only the song but are as well the creators of the neon color, fun video that created a big YouTube phenomenon all over Europe.
At this point alone it generated 28 million combined views on YouTube!
Laserkraft 3D got their song “Nein, Mann!” signed to Armada Music, Sony Music and now signed to Napith Music for North America. It has landed in the top ten sales chart all over Europe, flooding into the ears of its many listeners. These electro and tech-house junkies are ready to take their message to a global level. The two are fiercely using their creative techniques to drive the electro scene into a unique category, giving Laserkraft 3D a respected name in both Europe and North America. Keep an eye and an ear open for this powerhouse team!
The whole hype around this minimal banger started underground, until it was picked up by the mass and finally secured the number one position of the German dance chart. The two guys behind electro and tech-house duo Laserkraft3d are ready to take their message to a global level: 'We don't care about the time, or whatever else -- we don't want to go, we want to dance!'.

Next to Laserkraft3d's original mix of the floorfiller, we also find a rework of German DJ and producer Tocadisco on the release. After banging releases like 'Morumbi' and Nadia Ali collab 'Better Run', he now translated this extraordinary track to a tech-house anthem, made to be played out loud!