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Monday, March 30, 2015

#Artist #Indies #NewMusic #Musicians Are you Engaging Your Fan Base? - Don't Get Trapped | @Reverbnation @CyperPR @JuelsOfRome @MrOfficialWhistle

From our Early Social Networking of "BearShare", "BlackPlanet", "MySpace", "Tagged", or "MocoSpace", when a Selfie was invented in taking the perfect Default Pic without a actual Photoshoot or photographer,  Social Media has flourished and is thriving everyday into a Grander Matrix quicker than we can learn New updates on today's "Facebook", "Twitter", "Instagram", "Behance", or any other of the Savvy Social Portals we are now accustomed to have in our life.

So naturally as a grand percentage of population utilizes a specific network, it has become a way of life where it is vital for Businesses to have Internet Home pages on "All" Trendy networks.

In the Millennium, its not a hobby to be Social Media Friendly, its a Necessity, and even more so when you are upcoming BRAND or Talent.

Don't Get Trapped

TRAP #1. You get totally burned out (because you don't see the efforts paying off) so you quit right before crucial pay offs are on the way. 

TRAP #2.  You don’t have a full plan in place (you need to have a tactical plan BEFORE you start using the tools) so you’re TRYING your very best but it’s not really working the way you envisioned. 

TRAP #3. You don’t have the right mentor or coach to help you take each next step that will get you to the next place. 

TRAP #4.  You just plain don’t understand HOW POWERFUL online marketing and social media really can be (it really can be vital in getting you closer to your dreams). 

Engaging Your Fan Base | Social Media Strategies For Musicians  +ReverbNation

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