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Thursday, February 12, 2015

MAGIC Trade Show Launches MAGIC University - Fashion Industry Educational Portal | @MagicTradeShow @MagicMarketWeek

The leading global marketplace introduces MAGIC University, one of the first educational platforms specific to fashion and retail businesses
As one of the most important voices in the business of fashion, MAGIC has held court twice a year in Las Vegas for over 85 years. Today, MAGIC announces the creation of MAGIC University, the first-ever retail education portal in the fashion industry. MAGIC executives and leading retail experts author this free, digital educational resource.
MAGIC University provides educational content for retailers, buyers, marketing professionals and fashion entrepreneurs. MAGIC’s goal is to act as a resource and continue to drive the global fashion industry forward by sharing knowledge, ideas, trends and tools from across the fashion marketplace. Information will be available in one location, easily searched by topic at http://magicuniversity.co/.

“The retail industry can be fragmented, due to the varying demographics the fashion industry serves,” says UBM Advanstar’s Leslie Gallin.  “We are looking to elevate our engagement and provide more meaningful content to the fashion marketplace - in addition to the best product assortments on our show floors. One of the greatest benefits we can offer new and established retail industry professionals is MAGIC University. This resource breaks down some of the natural barriers found in acquiring tactical business information. It allows us to inspire retailers and designers to peer across different parts of the retail industry to find instruction, tools and ideas from seasoned industry veterans.”
MAGIC University launches with five tracks and content will be added on a quarterly basis. Each track invites the reader to dive deeper into a level of information previously unattainable. Below is a preview of the first five tracks:
  • Track #1 – Retail Experience: Provides a comprehensive guide to creating a retail experience and develop successful e-commerce, merchandising, and marketing tactics to connect with customers across all touch points.
  • Track #2 – Social Media: MAGIC has broken down the five most important platforms in social media and seven apps you must know, given that social media has become the most powerful connecter for retailers in terms of customer service, engagement and sales.
  • Track #3 – Trends: Navigating what consumers want from designers and figuring how to build those into meeting future apparel, accessories, and footwear demands is a complex task. MAGIC worked with leading forecasting experts to help layout the groundwork.
  • Track #4  – Consumer Demographics: From millennials to Gen Z, Baby Boomers to niche groups like Moms and Dads, brand marketers need to understand the behavioral triggers and lifestyles of these segments, depending on their target customers. By understanding their values, aspirations, and beliefs, brands will win customers' lifetime loyalty.
  • Track #5  – Sustainability: Brands, retailers, and product designers are looking for ways to create more efficient manufacturing processes. From local manufacturing (local and overseas artisans) to 3D printing, to waterless denim and more environmentally-friendly production processes, brands want to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining the bottom-line.
Subscribe to one or all of the bootcamps at http://www.magicuniversity.co!