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Monday, January 19, 2015

Swurv Needs A Woman Who Loves Hip-Hop | @Swurvradio

By smj12 
You know, the perfect kind of woman.
As we have stated previously, we are going to be doing big things with this site in this new year. Part of that, involves you. What we are specifically looking for right now is a female personality for our YouTube page. If you are incredibly, ridiculously passionate about all things hip-hop, R&B and just music in general, and are just dying to have a bigger platform that allows you to speak on it, then you might be just what we are looking for.

What we would like this individual to do is be on camera, and essentially host a little “episode” for our YouTube page, daily or weekly, where you’ll discuss music, what you like, what you hate, commenting on something going on in the music industry at the moment, and take and answer Twitter questions from the Swurv readers and listeners. And yes it will be a paid position. But we want to make it fun. Having a gregarious, energetic personality is a must for this position. You wouldn’t want our audience falling asleep on you, now would you? No. Of course not. We want you to be able to captivate the audience, entertain them, and have them having discussions in the comments section. We’re not looking for a woman who just kind of knows about rap and R&B – we want you to know your shit, ladies. Again, a lady who can captivate our audience is a must. If you’re intelligent, if you’ve got unique opinions on music or black culture, if you play an instrument, if you’re an artist, if you sing – bring all of your talents to Swurv and show them off to the world. We’ll allow you to be creative and help us create the best videos for our Swurv fans. If we have an idea and you have a better one, you better believe we’ll go with it!
And, if you happen to be drop dead gorgeous, well, that’s only going to help your chances of being picked for the position. But you will be treated with the utmost respect by everyone here and we will make sure our audience treats you the exact same way. We’re all just a big, ratchet family here.
So if you think you’ve got what it takes, send in your submission. If you think you have the looks and the personality, include a picture of yourself, along with a resume/portfolio and a bio about yourself and why we should pick you. Any websites you host or are apart of will also get showcased, we’re willing to help promote your hustle as well. Win win. If you’re the perfect woman for the task, let us know!
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