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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#MUA - For 7yr Old Princess Aliza Zara ♥ | @EzzakinsOfficial @Juelsofrome @MrOfficialWhistle

The 7 Year old MUA - Princess Aliza Zara suffers from a rare disease and is constantly undergoing procedures away from home.  She has become a huge inspiration to so many around the globe with her keen spirits through "Instagram" Social Networks.  Yesterday a Professional by the name of EzzakinsOfficial brought many other professionals to send love back to the little beauty in return for all the love she shares with us daily!  We Love You #PrincessAlizaZara +Princess Aliza and our prayers are with you always, sending many Blessings your way! xo @Juelsofrome @CoolV +JOR TRN #MrOfficialWhistle 

Published on Jan 19, 2015
Just a special video made for a special warrior princess called Aliza Zara.

To read more about Aliza and her journey head over to www.healing4aliza.nl
Or follow her Instagram page: @Aliza_Zara

A massive thank you to every single person who took part in this video and behind the scenes.
I am so grateful that there are such humble people still around who think selflessly for others.
And in the process of doing this I feel like I found really good friends too. May you all succeed and prosper whatever you reach out to achieve. 

Thank you to Samo Rahman (@SamoRahman) for reaching out to many people as well..

Below you can find everyone's Instagram pages:

Aisha Rahman - @Modest_Street
Humza Arshad - @HumzaProduction
Mumzy Stranger - @MumzyStranger
Zaiba Khan - @ZaibaKhanMua
Linda Stephanie - @LindaSteph
Rukshana Begum - @BeautyByRoxc
Rameet Kaur - @Rameet_Kaur
Char Avell - @CharAvell
Maryam Khan - @xMaryamKhanx
Islah Abdur-Rahman - @Islahgram
3MH: Adam Saleh (@AdamSaleh), Sheikh Akbar (@SheikhAkbar), Karim Metwaly (@KarimysCreamy), Slim Albaher (@Slim_Slimmofication)