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Saturday, August 16, 2014

#RespectAllMusic Motown Paved the way for our Music Business Careers - They are Entitled there dues | @Project72 @ASCAP @BMI @Juelsofrome @MrOfficialWhistle

Up to 15% of all music played by digital radio services was recorded before 1972. In certain genres the percentage is even higher.
Some of the biggest digital radio companies have decided to stop paying royalties to artists who recorded music before this time. That includes the hitmakers of Motown, the legends of Jazz & Blues, and the people who gave birth to Rock n' Roll. Why would these services choose to disrespect the legacy artists whose work inspired the generations of artists who came after them? Based on their interpretation of copyright law, these companies believe that they can use pre-1972 recordings for free, forever.
In one year alone, this practice caused artists and record labels to lose nearly $60 million in royalties. Half of these royalties would be paid directly into the pockets of artists.
This is a matter of fairness. Stand with us for the artists who inspire you and the generations of artists who followed in their footsteps.
Tell Congress to support the RESPECT Act, H.R. 4772, to ensure that digital radio respects all music!