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Monday, July 7, 2014

Hot Import Night - The largest consumer Car Shows in the World ft over 80 Hot Import Models | @Swurvradio

Hot Import Nights Recap: Cars, Vapes & over 80 Hot Import Models (Pics)

By @OsirisMay on Jul 05, 2014 02:50 pm
IMG_7481-2Hot Import Nights, One of the largest consumer car shows in the world rolled through to hit San Jose California last week for it’s 17th season with an A list of the Hottest Import Models music, gaming, technology & live entertainment.
To call it a “Car Show” is by far an understatement and should be called ‘The Greatest Car Porn Festival of All Time’ from here on out. Probably wouldn’t sit will with the investors but hey…I’m not the boss and for good reason lol. With thousands in attendance with a great view next to the new San Francisco 49er’s (Levi Stadium), Hot Import Nights was by far a very well put together event. With over 200 badass whips customized to perfection it was any car lovers dream. Besides it being 190 degrees and the way over priced hamburgers and beer it was no doubt the place to be. Of course we stopped by the Platinum Vapes booth and took in some vapors, hung out in the clouds with a few friends watching the Vape contest.
Without question the best part of the night was the endless buffet of Models everywhere you turn. At least 50 different models strategically placed signing autographs and taking pics with anyone eager to stand next to them with an iphone. Top Import Models like Canadian born Donna Pham, Amy Cruz, Brittani Paige, Jaecy Dolla, Pauline Angeli and dozens more where in full effect and we captured them all.We defiantly want to thank Hot Import Nights all the Car Vendors like the Homey Ruben Castro from Black Ice and of course all the HOT MODELS for letting SwurvRadio.com invade the building. The hospitality was much appreciated.

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