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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Feeling One with the Universe in the Galactic Fashion Era! | @JuelsOfRome @DivasOnDeck

The Wonderful world of Galactic / SyFy only being a Costume / Theatrical Fashion is becoming a thing of the past... 

If you are fascinated with the theatrical fashion of the galactic universe then you probably excited to know we have officially reached the galactic fashion era!  Movies for decades have been sharing with us a far out bold fashion world that lets our imaginations of fantasies & galactic worlds come alive in the movies. We have always found these movies or theatrical plays to enhances the entertainment of our senses.

"Leia" - Star Wars Episode VII

Bold dramatic fabrics, lines, print, cuts, textures, to the dramatization of fine lines to curvy & flow lines, takes fashion to a whole "another" level being fierce, daring, and very sexy!.. this is it.. we are here!  Yay! almost makes me feel closer and one with our universe! lol..

The woman’s galactic fashion is probably more exciting than the mens..  Which although some might say the New Mens fashion can take some getting used to the.  “Im not so sure if its all so easy to get used to!”.  Some of the Summer looks can be very BOLD, and some show off the Masculine Sexy Galactic “Man”.  For the Most Part the Fall fashion’s for Men are pretty dope!  Take a look of some of our Top High Fashion “Designers” of the Globe on what’s been trending since early 2013 Fall Fashion shows through summer and now leading us into 2015.

“May the Force of Fashion be with you!” ;)

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Dolce&Gabbana Winter 2015 Womens Fashion Show

"CHANEL" Official Full Show HD Mode a Paris Autumn Winter 2014

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2014

Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2014

Oscar de la Renta Fall/Winter 2013-2014




Giorgio Armani - 2014 Spring Summer - Menswear Collection

"FENDI" Full Show Autumn Winter 2014 2015 Milan Menswear

"VERSACE" Full Fashion Show Autumn Winter 2014 2015 Milan