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Monday, June 23, 2014

All the latest Trends from Arts, Culture, Echo, Fashion, Luxury, Marketing, & More | @TrendHunter


26 Eerie Packaging Designs

From Blackout Booze Branding to Bloody Wine Branding

38 Examples of Retro Packaging

From Wooden Vinyl Organizers to Vintage Box Branding

21 Artistic Graffiti Ads

From Stop-Motion Graffiti Ads to Glam Graffiti Lookbooks

100 Crowd-Funded Projects

From Crowd-Funded Startups to Crowd-Funded Art Projects|

Pop Culture

25 Fierce Office Fashion Ideas

From Seductive Styles to Retro 70s-Inspired Looks

15 Seductive Secretarial Editorials

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day in Couture

70 Gifts for Barbie Collectors

From Iconic Doll-Inspired Ensembles to Girly Gadget Cases

90 Fast Food Fashion Examples

From Sugar Addict Editorials to Burger-Printed Apparel


32 Gifts for Obsessive Instagram Users

From Photo App-Inspired Calendars to Photography App Toys

43 Sibling Photography Finds

From Sultry Sisterhood Editorials to Expressive Twinly Editorials

19 New Year's Phone Cases

A Party Phone Case is Perfect for Detail-Oriented People

100 Road Trip Packing Essentials

From Music-Playing Neck Pillows to Dashboard Device Mounters

Art & Design

50 Examples of Zaha Hadid Architecture

From Tree-Inspired Exhibition Halls to White-Washed Hotels

23 Relaxing Meditation Aids

From Gilded Mindfulness Armchairs to Therapeutic Sound Systems

32 Sewing-Inspired Furniture Pieces

These Sewing Furniture Designs Celebrate Needlework

30 Amazingly Abstract Ashtrays

These Gnarly Novelty Ashtrays Add Some Quirk to Your Smoke Break


50 Examples of Educational Toys

From Culturally Diverse Dolls to Architectural Modular Toys

Top 100 Interactive Trends in 2013

From Interactive Fairy Tale Windows to Playful Pedestrian Paths

100 Illusionary Architecture Examples

From Dreamlike Installations to Multi-Dimensional Structures

25 Ingenious Fresh Food Packages

From Reusable Rubber Food Wraps to Real Fruit Boxes


Top 100 Luxury FashionTrends in 2013

From Moon-Inspired Watches to Royal Runway Collections

30 Luxury Baby Gifts

From Pop Art Baby Carriages to Couture Baby Toys

24 Office-Friendly Bulletproof Innovations

From Ammo-Blocking Briefcases to Armored Chalkboards

Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in May

From Disney Character-Shaped Foods to Cartoonish Packed Meals


50 Mystical Fantasy Siren Shoots

Make a Splash With These Beautiful Mermaid Photos

50 Aquatic Editorials

From Retro Poolside Campaigns to Sun-Kissed Ocean Photos

88 Stylish Patrick Demarchelier Editorials

From Ballet Teacher Editorials to Sporty Tribal Fashion

55 McQueen Footwear Designs

There's No Footwear Better Than a Alexander McQueen Shoe