Unlacing the Verlan Dress. Printed with #MakerBot Flexible Filament and white
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The concept of 3D printing might sound space-age to some people, but the creation of the Verlan Dress is evidence of how accessible this technology has become. With the help of fashion designer Francis Bitonti, a team of eager students worked with a pair of Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printers and cutting-edge software to dream up and realize an avant-garde gown as part of the New Skins project.

With aesthetic influences derived from the details of human anatomy, the group came up with intricate and intriguing designs that took elegant lattice-like structures. The final product was turned out with MakerBot Flexible Filament as the fabric, making the Verlan Dress pliable and comfortable to wear and to move around in.
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3D-Printed Gowns - The Verlan Dress 
 3D-Printed Gowns - The Verlan Dress