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Monday, April 7, 2014

#MusicMonday | Sound Chat Radio | The Hard Way Reunion - 2 Day Event - May 16th & 17th in the Bronx | Dancehall

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Irish and Chin Light Up Bronx and Brooklyn in May with a Double Hitter 80's Dancehall Weekend

'3 Di Hard Way' with Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Brigadier Jerry, King Stur Gav to Take over New York
Whether it's top artists recreating songs from the epic era, vintage riddims resurfacing or the re-emergence and heavy demand for veteran artists, 80's Dancehall vibes are in the air! And to recapture this iconic era of Reggae Dancehall (also known as Rub-a-Dub), leading Caribbean entertainment honchos Irish and Chin are giving New Yorkers a double hitter weekend of "3 Di Hard Way" with Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry and Charlie Chaplin on Friday, May 16 (Bronx, LaRosse) and Saturday,May 17 (Pulse 48 Brooklyn). Serving as the infamous deejay trio's first U.S. performance together in more than 10 years, there will be fireworks! Adding to the already sick line up are rare appearances from artists Little John and Santa Ranks. Of course, the double hitter weekend wouldn't be complete without the pulsating, bass-heavy music backdrop provided by legendary King Stur Gav and Downbeat sounds.
When Josey Wales meets up with sparring partners Charlie Chaplin and Brigadier Jerry for an unforgettable night of intense toasting, get ready to feel like it's a 1983 Dancehall session all over again, a time when deejays showcased their unyielding mic skills on powerhouse sound systems. Thrilling the audience with lyrical acrobats, play on words, tales and humorous injections, "The Colonel," "The Principal" and "The General" will reign supreme! Don't worry, it won't all be freestyle, as these artists also boast a catalogue of hit songs. From Josey Wales' "Undercover Lover" and "Leggo Mi Hand" to Little John's anthems "Sweet Reggae Music," "All Over Me" and everything in between, patrons will take a much needed trip down memory lane. This will surely be New York's biggest reunion show in years.
Dancehall fans are truly in a frenzy over Irish and Chin's double hitter weekend of "3 Di Hard Way." Constant inquiries on social media and to Irish and Chin's New York and Jamaica offices about the events are just a reminder of their significance. Trendsetters Irish and Chin are just as excited as fans, since this is their first time staging the same Dancehall event in two cities on the same weekend. Irish and Chin Co-founder Garfield "Chin" Bourne says, "It's thrilling to know that fans will get to experience a historic moment in Dancehall, when Josey Wales makes his highly anticipated New York return in over a decade."
Don't miss the 80's Double Hitter, a guaranteed weekend of entertainment for the books! Stay up to date on "3 Di Hard Way" and Josey Wales' complete tour on irishandchin.com. Tickets available at the door! Come early.
See classic footage of the legendary

'3 Di Hard Way'

in action:
Hear epic Sound Chat Radio show that channels the impact of Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin and Brigadier Jerry:
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