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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Full Time Journalist EXCLUSIVE Interview | Behind the Scenses of YOUR Ent & Music Updates


We are honored to share this exclusive interview with our bloggers & readers.  We wanted to get behind the scenes of the Entertainment & Music Industries Publications.  So who better to Interview than a full Time Journalist & Editor for Inland Empires #1 Weekly Newspapers, WestSide Story Newspaper, Examiner.com, “Dre Day” Management & Publicist of our Ent. & Music Industry, and Her very own Ent & Music Publication www.SophisticatedRelations.com where you find the latest in Media, News, & Publications.

Take the journey with us as we Get Exclusive with ‘MzNay’ pka “Naomi Bonman” and her inside story.

1) Hi Naomi, What is your title in your career profession?

I am a full time Journalist, Editor and PR Assistant

2) What are your highlights in your career?

Covering great events such as the “Pan African Film Festival”, and working on big community events which include the “Bill Pickett Radio”, and “Hardy Brown Gala”, just to name a few.

3) What are you objective goals or projects for 2014?

Expand my brand in both publishing and public relations, as well as to jump back into film production with my first official web series. And to cover the “BET Awards” and “Essence Music Festival”.

4)  What publications have you written for?

“Black Voice News” (which is now the “IE Voice”), “Inland Valley News”, “Inland Empire Community Newspapers”,Examiner.com”, “Inland Scene Magazine”, “West Side Story Newspaper” and “HOPE For Woman Magazine”.

5)  If you could pic a story or project of your choice, what would it be?

I always pick my own stories and project which have been people making a positive impact in their communities and those who are global icons.

6) Who would be your most note-able client and why?

The most notable person that I interviewed was one of the “Tuskegee Airman”. He's the most notable because for one there's not too many of them left who are still living, and two, there's a lot of history behind his story that can inspire others. They broke major barriers for the “Black military personnel”.

7)  What has been the most exciting story you have covered?

“The Pan African Film Festival” was really exciting and being in the same room as a few big time actors.

8) Any big events you plan to attend this year you like to share?

“BET Awards”, “Essence Festival” and “Soul Train Awards”

9)  What Community organizations have you participated in or are affiliated with?

“Clark Atlanta University Alumni Association”, “Music Changing Lives”, “B.S.A.F.E. Building Safer Atmospheres for Entertainment”, And “I'm a Diva And Fabulous Foundation”

10) What would you say to inspire our community to follow their career dreams?

Write down a list of what a want to accomplish and hang it up it frame it. Each day do something that puts you closer to your dreams whether it's starting a blog, video blog, acting in a friends video, filming a friends muddy video, etc. Also team up with like minded people that you trust and are close to your age or slightly older (I would say don't partner with someone who is more than 10 years older than you but keep them as a mentor). And start a business and marketing plan!

Written by: J.Salazar - CEO “Juels of Rome” Branding, PR, & Marketing
for “Juels of Rome” & “Coolv’s Rated Next” Blogspot.com
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