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Monday, March 10, 2014

Arrested Development is BACK & Spreading Positive Music | Commuinity Supporters Get Free Smart Phone Apps | Arrested Developement

We Want To Bring You Magic!

We've been working wholeheartedly on new songs that we hope are magical for you. We collaborated with Grammy nominated artist/producer Khao Kates (T.I., R. Kelly, Snoop), on the upcoming AD project, "SPLASH". We are always looking to surprise you and this album is no different. Each song tells a story and when the album is finished, it is a complete journey. Khao brought a certain urban feel to our sound, while we all wanted it to be bigger sounding than our past joints. We made many of the themes for this record more worldly in their scope and sound. You will hear more synths than usual for this album, plus the beats bang harder than many previous records. We performed some of the new material for the Japanese fans and the response was beyond our expectations! Thank you to Billboard Live (Tokyo) and of course thanks to Khao for a great experience in Japan!The time is near to release this music to the whole world! With the album, we'll release an iPhone / Android app, plus a brand new website! We hope you dig in deep, support the app and website and enjoy our newest creation, "SPLASH" (Spring 2014)

WOMDelaide Live Performance Stream

Click the banner below to tune into live performances at WOMADelaide 2014! Arrested Development will take the stage at 10pm local time in Adelaide


Hate The Game (A Personal Blurb from Speech)

All we need is ONE MIC
If just ONE major radio station decides to support us, the listening public will love these songs & thus, the songs will be hits. That’s not conceit that’s just the way it is! Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t want to depend on “hits” because it’s a fickle career path. But I know that our music and our lyrics have layers, and when it’s considered acceptable and played in the mainstream, our music & lyrics take on another level of depth and importance compared to the other junk out there. I see it happening in foreign countries, where we do pretty well. To many of our fans, we are only a 90’s band and we have to dispel that, it’s a hurdle we plan to jump, and jump thoroughly. We’re as relevant now as we’ve ever been, and the doubters are simply “gone have to learn today!”


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JJ Boogie On Eminem's Newest Project

Producer Ken Lewis called JJ Boogie (AD's guitarist) up and asked him to recreate a harmonica sample for a new song on Eminem's new album MMLP2. So he recorded the part at his home studio using a Hohner blues band harmonica thru an SE Gemini II tube microphone for a nice warm sound then sent it back to him. He informed JJ that he would manipulate the part to make it sound completely different and un-harmonica like adding to the vibe and ambiance of the song. Click on the link below for the new song which many critics on hip-hop blogs say is the best song on the album.


Fareedah Aleem is the dancer/choreographer of Arrested Development. She began professionally in 2003 appearing in the Ying Yang Twins music video "Salt Shaker". Shortly thereafter she joined the two time Grammy Award winning hip-hop collective Arrested Development. Before joining AD, Fareedah toured with Tribe Called Quest, Talib Kweli, John Legend, Musiq Soulchild, T-Pain among others. Fareedah is a company member of D'AIR Aerial Dance theater, specializing in static, dance trapeze, silks and lyra. Aerial dance is a deep passion for Fareedah fans can sees her performing acrobatic feats while artfully displaying her creativity and energetic style.

How YOU Can Help

We hear you! You really love our music and you wanna help the world hear more positive stuff like this? This is how you can help; tell your friends on Facebook / Twitter how much the music means to you & visit our store. (Get our free smart phone app) Then let your heart do whatever its inclined to do, 20% of all purchases go the Mr. Wendal Foundation and 80% goes to us. 100% of our gratitude goes to you for your support in whatever way it comes, even including reading this.

"Better to light a candle than sit and curse the dark” ~ John F. Kennedy



Adelaide, AR @ Botanic Park



New Plymouth, @ TSB Bowl Of Brooklands



Osaka, @ Billboard Live Osaka



Osaka, @ Billboard Live Osaka



Tokyo, @ Billboard Live Tokyo



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