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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Brighter Days Are Ahead! - Music Changing Lives

Brighter Days Are Ahead!
Last week Osbaldo Zuniga, an 11th grader who attends Moreno Valley High School and is also a member of Music Changing Lives applied for a match savings program known as the Individual Development Account. The program allows members to save a maximum of $1,000 and will match the savings 1:4. For example, if Osbaldo saved $1000, the Individual Development Account program will match his savings with $4000, giving him a total of $5000. "I want to start my own business with my match money. I also hope to create my own record label and start my own music studio.

Osbaldo states, "I joined Music Changing Lives this year and was glad to hear that we can apply for this program to help kids like me to continue our dreams."  "This is what it's all about tangible change, proving we're moving the needle with actual life changing programs and reestablishing our children's foundation of the American Dream." Josiah Bruny CEO/Founder 
For more information about these opportunities and more please feel free to email an Music Changing Lives staff member at info@MusicChangingLives.org 

MoVal week4Uandree White & Osbaldo Zungia take Hip-Hop class lead by Gluck Fellows 

Last year, Sunday, May 26th 2013, Music Changing Lives welcomed 400+ participants to Vista  Del Lago High, Home of the Ravens, to enjoy the 2nd annual Changing Lives Showcase, a friendly performance arts competition between Moreno Valley High and Vista Del Lago that presents the best musically and artistically talented students. Moreno Valley High prevailed but Vista Del Lago put up a fight for the best title to say the least.

Thanks to our gracious sponsors, Target, Kohls, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Edison International, Clothes the Deal, Goliath Graffix and the Moreno Valley Unified School District, the two will have the chance to compete again this year to see who's the best at music, art, disc jockey and fashion

"We are honored to have the support of not only our community but all the foundations behind the movement of change.  We are the closest aspect to direct giving besides direct giving. We are young, enthusiastic and here to leave a legacy.  We have overcome our tipping point because of people like you, Thank you." Josiah Bruny 

Please consider contributing towards our efforts to keep music and art alive within our region and beyond. By simple clicking the link below, every little bit counts.


Josiah Bruny
Music Changing Lives 

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