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Sunday, December 15, 2013

✴✲ ✳T'is the Season To Be Stunning! ✴✲ ✳ * Winter 2k13 * #DOND

"Strut" your "Style" this "Season"
T'is the Season to Party, Party, Party

Whether meeting up with friends, family, office affiliates for dinner or a night on the town shopping during the season, spice up your wardrobe with simple touches of Festive!  

"Show off your Glamour"

Festive, Glamorous, & Shimmery
Flatter your curves, skin tones, & personal style
The season is all about comfort, classy, sexy, & fabulous.  Take your favorite basics and mix match with a piece of glitz, or touches of your favorite accessories.

T'is Season Colors
2k13 - 2k14 Color Palette
2k13 - 2k14 Color palette is full of Bright, vibrant, warm colors, so be creative, and don't hesitate to take risk in you fashion statement with a little color.

Spice up the office basics! 
From your casual denims or slacks to the little black dress you can dress down & fancy up with your favorite accessories for that extra season pizzazz. 

Keep it Classic & Simple in the Little Black Dress

"Festive Touches"
Accessorize, Glitz, Spice, Flamboyant, however you do YOU, Add your person festive touches.

"Pamper You"
Color, Senses, & Style
Whether you keep it Sweet & Simple or Festive & Glamorous, its a must to treat yourself to a little Color, Curls, & Glitz.  Adding a tint of color or nail glitz is a festive touch for the season.  Visit your favorite stylist or salon this season for all the latest trends in hair, make-up, & nail trends. 

Have some Fun, Pamper, Shop, & Celebrate Life! 
Feeling at your BEST in your sexiest YOU from the night on the town to the comfort of cozy home.

Be STUNNING this Season in YOUR BEST! 
Cherish every moment with friends, family, & loved ones!

Wishing you a Beautiful Season 
~ From #JOR #DOND #TRN Family to yours