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Sunday, December 1, 2013

She wears it exceptionally well! - "D. Olivia Jordan" (Actress, Fashion Model, & More)

If it looks & feels good, I'm wearing it! 

- "D. Olivia Jordan" 

(Actress, Fashion Model, & More)

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"D. Olivia Jordan"

olivia pic of the day
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“If it looks and feels good I'm wearing it”

- D. Olivia Jordan

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D. Olivia is classy American Model, is vintage sexy, high fashion, Super Model. "You can achieve any dream if you work hard at it, grow strong skin & save your allowance money to give you a head start to your dream."
olivia tiger print
D. Olivia says: “If it looks and feels good, I'm wearing it”.
She is making way to her American Dream. In 2003 she auditioned for “Tyra Banks” “Americas Next Top Model”, has featured on "Flo Rida" Video Feb 2010, also appeared on eXcused Dating Show inJuly 2012.
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Featuring "D.Olivia Jordan" pka "D. Olivia"

olivia movie
reese el don video olivia
Feat: "D.Olivia Jordan" (Hallway & Bedroom Scenes)
olivia hosting infusion
From the Movie Screen, to Video Vixen, D.Olivia works toward every move to her "American Dream"
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2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Bikini Contest Part 4

Feat: "D.Olivia Jordan"

(Preview @1:50)
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"Here Comes The Boom" - Movie Trailer

"D.Olivia Jordan Starring: as "Daysha"

(preview @:19 & :45)
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Ausby and Styles Episode 4 "Po Pimp"

Starring: "D.Olivia Jordan" as "Betty"

borders olivia 1
Her focus is to continue to work as many projects possible towards her modeling goals for Chanel, Marc Jacobs, & Gucci! Be on the look out for D.Olivia Jordan - "The American Dream."
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"Roll with me, Just do it! I'm D. Olivia Jordan Baby”

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