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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rated #1 Quality Celeb Bookings & Event Services - HERE TO SERVICE YOUR INVESTMENT ON YOUR NEXT EVENT!

bbe live

BBE Live - Kid Ink Booking

kid ink bbe
kid ink n Joseph bbe pic
BBE Live Talent & Entertainment one of the top agencies that has been in the business over 10 yrs and growing. Benjamin Business Endeavors Livealso known in acronym as BBE Live is one of the industries notable associate in their rolodex around the globe and in their hometown Southern California.
Owner/founder Joseph Moore, in the business since his early teens. Was notably known as a member and leader in one of the hottest groups in LA’s streets in the 90’s, He grew from an artist to an executive, currently managing one of Cali’s note-able Group’s that started in the mid 90’s called The PAK (Prophets and Kingz), along with a few Solo artist. In Gravitating into the booking industry about 10 yearsago, this has given Joseph the hands on experience to take his team to the next level in the game as well as becoming a quality Talent consultant for his clients. .

BBE Live - Omarion Booking

Joseph n Vegas Division - BBE talent consultant Kevin with Omarion
BBE CEO - J.Moore, "Omarion", Kevin - BBE Talent Consultant - Las Vegas Division
With 20 years in the entertainment industryBBE Liveis growing rapidly, next inline as a household name.BBE Live is a Full service entertainment firm astalent consulting & booking for the stars as theirforte.
We are your one stop shop, in coordinating your customized event, within your budget, from planning,locating the venue, to the red carpet.

BBE Live Interview

city talk la bbe1

Non-Profits & Achievements

2008 - Present - BBE Live’s owner / founder serves as Vice President with B.S.A.F.E "Building Safer Atmospheres for Entertainment" CA non-profit 501 (c) (3).
2012 - (PAL) The Police Activity League of the (LAPD) engaged BBE Live as there Celeb Booking source in multiple artists for “The Southeast Jeopardy” At-risk-teens program in Los Angeles Ca. We took pride in servicing our community and had a great experience.
BBE Live is a dedicated supporter of our communities. With 5 years plus in giving back, BBE Liveis currently developing more programs for the community within the communities in need. One event at a time, One City at a time! BBE Live are true believers that coming together in supporting our communities we can make a difference together!.
Club xOx fb Page - BBE & BSAFE "Community Teen" Program
BSAFE Ambassador: Sheriff Paul Shrader sheriffpaul.wordpress.com

BBE Live Talent & Entertainment

Bookings & Inquires: info@bbeliveonline.com
Follow: @BBELive
Instagram Follow: @bboybbe

In callaboration with 4Kingz Inc. Group

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Sponsored by: "Wazaa Ardhi" Apparel

Wazaa Ardhi Apparel: www.waoapperal.com

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