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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Always Live Life Inevitability Around Sound - The Amelioration of Meridian

allias amelioration of meridian

A . L . L . I . A . S

Always Live Life Inevitably Around Sounds

the grey area cover allias
11 million views made him the MySpace King in time. His Mixtape "The Grey Area" was soaring in sales with over 16,000 copies sold throughout Mississippi, Atlanta, & Oklahoma. By that summer he had over 22 million plays on his Single"ME Part #1" & "ME Part #2".
allias vibe performance
Dewayne Brown pka “ALLIAS” born in Meridian, Mississippi, began writing poetry by the age of 9. By theage of 14 he entered “Unsigned Hype”, along with many talent shows & show cases in Meridian.
By 1999, the age of 17ALLIASfeatured on the "Morning Radio Jingles” & music rotations on 105.7 Jams & 104.9 in Meridian.
allias w high cal stingers1
Throughout ALLIAS travels he's coll-abed with many rising talent and gained Major DJ support through out the east coast from Florida, Mississippi, to North Carolina to mention a few.
ALLIAS expresses of a Grey and Black area in his music referring to life's challenges and Hurricane Katrina.A.L.L.I.A.S. has many meanings he plans to express within his music.
By 2007 he relocated to California, signing with "Juels of Rome" PR Company.ALLIAS became the biggest new artist in Southern Cali as the Myspace "King of Views", making appearances in open acts with "Twista", "Bobby Valentino", "Hurricane Chris", to taking home first place at local Rap Battle Competitions.

Music is my life, it is my way out.



The Amelioration of Meridian

He has regained ground in his mastery.

ALLIAS is currently working on the completion of "Brok'n Genius" Mixtape.
allias album coming soon

D E C E M B E R 24th 2 K 1 3

"Brok'n Genius" Mixtape - By: ALLIAS

ALLIAS logo _ cover
ALLIAS passions arefashion, music, film,and the development of his Non-Profit company.
He currently is developing his World wide organization to assist indie artist, the young & matured inopen outlets for thesuccess of there dreams.
ALLIAS stays active in his growth as anArtist & Executive in the Music Industry, as Administrative for Juels of Rome & Talent Consultant wthBBE Live Talent & Entertainment.


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