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Monday, November 25, 2013

NY Heir Of Hip Hop - Nefu Da Do n "Light Voice, Heavy Words" JAN 7TH 2K13


NEW MUSIC: "If i Can Fly"

 by: NY Heir Of Hip Hop - Nefu Da Do

 "Light Voice, Heavy Words" JAN 7TH 2K13



"Respect the Pen"

“Nefu Da Don” Relative to “Hip Hop”

From the streets of Brooklyn NY, Donlynn Walters pka “Nefu Da Don” is making his mark relating to the “Hip Hop” Culture. Nefu born Jan 7th 1989, has came up in several cultures of breaking “Hip Hop” from its core.

"The Epiphany of his Inspiration"

image (9)
By Junior High, Nefu, was inspired by the sound's of music production "Beats", that led him to his first recording session. “I Transformed Into A Different Person, I Had An Overwhelming Epiphany The First Time I Stepped Into The Booth, Hearing My First Recording, It all Just Felt So Right & Exact to me. I can humbly say my true inspiration for music comes from within!”
Nefu States
Nefu has a strong inspirational music related background from TV Shows to performing live with J.ColeBow Wow,Lil Mama,Teddy Riley, to mention just a few". Nefu’s relative music envisions will sure keep his fans determined to learn more as they ride alongside for the adventurous ride.

"Respect The Pen", This Is "Hip Hop"

Nefu's focus is to be a “Premiere Face of Hip-Hop”, "A Future Hall Of Fame" A “Worldwide Brand Name” while doing what he truly loves in supporting his family and his aspirations of being a Spokesperson for authority abuse, children hunger, domestic violence, and Inner-city violence programs.
Nefu Da Don states: “I plan to put the state of Urban Entertainment where it's suppose to be as a whole, by offering my God Sent talent, Showmanship, and the “Star Quality” thats Is lost In today's “Hip- Hop” culture. I am Relative to Hip Hop, I was born to make music, I am “Hip Hop”.”

"Better Late than Never" - The Mixtape

In 2011 Nefu Released his first Mixtape Titled: "Better Late than Never" with features from Wiz KhalifaBow WowRay Lavender, and more. Listen & Download the highly recognizable mixtape of the year 2011 for a brief recap of the relative foundation Nefu is derives from.
Nefu better late than ever
Nefu Da Don - "Better Late Than Never" Mixtape 2011 *Get your copy now on datpiff (Click cover)

NY Heir, Spreads His Wings In Journey

nefu i can fly-screenshot
Nefu Da Don - "If I Can Fly"
Nefu plans to deliver music with self-assurance and quality talent to the world within his movement. So get ready to be wowed, as “Nefu Da Don” takes you to a relative place. "This is Hip Hop, Nefu Da Don!"

“Light Voice, HEAVY WORDS”

This Winter: Jan 7th 2014Nefu is releasing his New project: “My Light Voice, HEAVY WORDS” relating his Musical creativity to “Hip Hop”.

Nefu light voice_heavy words
A relate-able artist, related to the streets, related to hip hop!

This is Hip Hop, NY Heir - Apparent!

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