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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kid Cannon Drops Hardwork Pays 11/11/2013

Watch KID CANNON Live Interview w/ Host Dre of The Hub Radio Station in LA & DOWNLOAD
 [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅1̲̅00)̲̅$̲̅]"Hardwork Pays"[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅1̲̅00)̲̅$̲̅]
Go to Mixtape Cover & Click to download
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Kid Cannon Banner

“Don’t pull me, I am he, I am "Kid Cannon”

The Acclaimed Actor / Artist, from the age of Ten has worked with many recognizable Celebrities from Biggie Small, DMX, DJ Quick, Timberland, Mary J. Blige,Wu-Tang & Many More.
Presenting Kid Cannon and Single's: Nov 2013 RELEASE: "Wat U Gone Do", “That’s How i Roll / 6 Foot 7 Foot Freestyle” & New released Video Promo: "Drowning" ft "Diesel" a Sneak preview from his Mix Tape “Hard Work Pays”.
Click the Cover to Cop The Mixtape FREE Now!
Kid Cannon Mixtape is Here: “Hard Work Pays”. He comes to Mainstream with a “BANG”, and a derived history of the Acting and music industry. Look out for the biggest Cannon to hit Mainstream!

11 yrs old "Kid Cannon" Acting Pro - Role's

In early 1997 “Cannon” made the Audition for Biggy's Video shoot single - “The sky’s the Limit” video. Cannon plays "P.Diddy" as a young boy in the video.
"Cannon" gained more attention to the camera throughout his acting career, featuring in"Timberland and Magoo"“Clockstrikes ,No Question- I don’t care” video, "Dj Quik" “Pitch on the Party”"50 cent" ft: "Nate Dogg" “21 questions”"Wu Tang’s" video and more.
By Winter 1999 “Cannon” made an appearance & performed live at the Jenny Jones Show, and when returned home landed a Role on the Hit TV Show “Chicago Hope” as a troubled Kid in the City. Shortly after he landed a feature roll in “Angel” a movie with"DMX" & "Mary J.Blige", playing the young "DMX".
Notorious B I G & 112 - "Sky's The Limit" (EXPLICIT LYRICS)

Cannon's Role as "Diddy"

The Video “The Sky’s the Limit” was released November 1997. Ironically, Biggy Smallswas killed March 9 1998, two days before “Cannon’s” 11th B-Day.
"ANGEL" (Part 1) "DMX" Special feat Guest: "Mary J. Blige"

Cannon's roll as Young "DMX"

"Cannon" featured roll in “Angel” "One More Road to Cross" Starring: "DMX" & "Mary J.Blige"

Destiny Calls, bringing "Kid" to the Music Industry

By early 2006; “Cannon’s” destiny calls, bringing him back into the Entertainment industry doing MUSIC. Cannon currently spends countless hours on his Mixtape projects, features, interviews & more with some of the industries top Artist, DJ's, Producers, labels, Writers, in the music industry.
Kid Cannon LIVE interview w/ Host Dre of The Hub Radio Station in LA
Kid Cannon shoot
"Kid Cannon" continues to make noise, and is determined in becoming a household name, establishing his “New Bread-West Boyz” label. His dreams to becoming the Hip Hop Mobile, and taking the whole100ent including Big Face 100 is soon to become reality.
“I plan to give as much visual and audio perspective for the world to see me, and to be one of the five top names in the industry. I hope you all enjoy the things that I am doing for my fans, and to except me for whom I am.”
-“Kid Cannon” Quotes

EXCLUSIVE Release: "Wat U Gone Do" -11-2-2k13

"Kid Cannon" comes with the Exclusive Single: "Wat U Gonna Do" - Kid Cannon ft: Sommer ( A Single from the upcoming CD "Hard Work Pays" )
100 Ent Presents: Kid Cannon - How I Roll (Official Music Video) (& 6 FOOT 7 FOOT FREESTYLE)

KID CANNON" ft "Diesel" - "Drowning"

"KID CANNON" ft "Diesel" -Drowning, Written by: "Kid Cannon" & "Diesel" (Grammy nominated Writer for Chris Brown & Kevin McCall)
1002509_666116186751591_1398443568_n (1)
KID CANNON ft Diesel -Drowning (Official Music Video) Directed By Christiaan Adams

The LowRider Live Show Interview - June 2013

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