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Sunday, September 15, 2013

ATTN: Industry The Marketing Insomniac is now taking submissions, email Juelsofrome@gmail.com or click the Insomniac button

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ATTENTION Music Industry!

Have you ever wondered who is behind your Favorite Artist / Celeb Marketing?
Do you know the first steps in Mass Marketing to deliver your Product to Your target Market?
Are you Ready to take the Industry by Storm?
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For the first time ever, Yours Truly "Juels of Rome" is releasing the Beast of Marketing to the Indie Music Industry Networks!
Learn today, how you can Brand your Image w/
The Official Whistle Mr. Cool V
- The Industry Insomniac
Your Image is your Brand!
Your Brand is your Product!
Your Product is your Company
In starting your Co., one of the first things is to Publicly let known your product to the world. The Very Best in the industry is now at your fingertips!
* You Create your Budget!
* You make a wish list of what marketing you want!
* The rest leave it to the Industry Insomniac.
I am proud to announce #TRN Marketing has teamed up w/ "Juels of Rome" PR Services to provide A-1 Sauce to our client's in the Indie Music Industry. Get the BEST of PR & Marketing all in one in taking the Major Step to Branding your Brand to Mainstream!
You Customize your package & we will deliver!
Cool V has a long history of providing Marketing Services to the Music Industry from "2 Pac" to present! The very BEST in the industry is now a Click away through this campaign.
The Clients behind the Industry Insomniac is a wide range of Celebrity Artist! You Heard it here!
The Official Whistle!
- Cool V
Cool V Clients

& the list goes on...........


Viacom-Radio/TV Account Executive
ESPN-Advertisement Campaign “Kid’s in Sports”
Billboard-Trade Reporting 1989-2003
Faces Model & Talent Agency – “Faces in the Crowd” Campaign 2001
Subway – “Get Healthy & Get Fit” 1999 Campaign
MTV- Rock the Vote 2007
BET – Rap City Street Campaigning 1990
VH1 – Save the Music Campaign 1998
Digiwaxx – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls (Mims Etc)
Lord Game Dj's - Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Rap Star Promo – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Future Star DJ's – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Bone Squad DJ's – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Hittmen DJ's – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Jazzy DJ's – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Vynl Breakers – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Sniper Squad DJ's – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Fleet DJ's – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
DJ King Assassin – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Mix Show Blast DJ's – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Coda Grooves DJ's – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
X Squad DJ's – Trunk Hustle/Artist Conference Calls
Def Jam – Street Promotions Various Artist (1989-1999)
Barak Records – Canadian Marketing Director
VP Records – 2003 – 2005 Model Search
Rocawear – Canada Model Search 2005
Video Jams / All Mixed up TV – Marketing Director
Wave Magazine - Marketing Director
504 Dymes Magazine - Marketing Director
DJ Pulse - Worlds 1st Music Search Engine – Co Creator
* & Many More

Who is Cool V - The Industry Insomniac?

SOUL TRAINS Exclusive Interview Mr. Official Whistle - Cool V!

Soul Trains First Marketing Consultant Professional interview

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Cool V Breaks Brands INTERNATIONALLY!!! View the Videos Below!

#Official Whistle

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hqdefaultCool V Rated Next DJ Row G! Breaking Stevie Stone's music in Brazil (Live after Jay Z concert in Brazil)

buck shotsCOOL V TV PRESENTS - BUCKSHOT DUCKDOWN RECORDS CEO (BuckShot of Black Moon in Canada)
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Cool V's CV:

Cool V’s Rated Next/Rated Next Radio-Creator & CEO
Trunk Hustlers Online Community-CEO Executive Director
The Peoples Choice Online Magazine – CEO
KR Marketing & Notary – CEO
Hands on Booking & Promotions – Senior Booking Agent
1DOTFMJAMS-Marketing & Sales Director
OpOration We Care – Creator/Director


Marketing Consultation
Business Development
Product Branding
Multi-Media Advertising
Press Releases
Artist Development
Event Coordination
Workshop Development
Viral Marketing
Radio/Television Spec Spots
Creative Campaigns
Project Management
E.P.K. Development
One Sheets
Guerrilla Marketing
Mixtape Development
Nightclub Management
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Thank you to all the amazing brands for giving me the wonderful opportunity of doing business with. I look forward to future endeavors with more amazing brands.
- Cool V - You heard the Whistle!
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